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Who Is Nicodemus ~ the Conviction of Sin

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Humans are born with grace of God in their hearts like a gentle silent blooming flowers as days goes by where seasons change and time age,

Here are the raging earthly burdens of humanity that push us to violate God's commandments and or spiritual law; worldly pleasure, position, fame, wealth, etcetera

Where we see them dress like freedom, happiness and cotentment offered by the evil in its angelic look whose falsifying God's pure intention to the deepest us, where all these might fall upon to all unreconciled muted souls of humanity.

Where hearts are benumed and slow to learn patience, compassion, and sympathy, most of the muted souls are build up of pride, greed, and power strengthen by jealousy, hatred, and contempt,

With all these burdens and earthly ambitions, these also fall upon the life of Nicodemus who was honored, rich, highly educated, and well known in the Jewish nation.

Nicodemus as well was blinded by position and honor whom prided himself of what he thought he deserves for his good service delivering the word of God,

But of all these Nicodemus was strangely attracted by this humble Nazarene and was greatly impressed by His teaching and desired not openly to learn more of these lessons fallen from the Saviours lips

Nicodemus life was indeed honorable, but when the mount of olives hushed in slumber where he waited for the presence of Christ, he felt unclean, lost and blinded in the very moment he was in a deep conversation with Christ,

Jesus wasn't tempted to enter an argument when Nicodemus spoke with unbelief neither when he sounded ironic. When someone hits your pride your defences will struggle, you become more obvious.

Before Nicodemus met Jesus the Saviour knows what really he was after. Nicodemus longed for truth. And the truth was served through Christ merciful eyes and His compassionate words.

Nicodemus conviction was witnessed above the Mount of olives, he knew not through his theoretical knowledge he was lost. Jesus said to him, '' You need not to have your curiousity satisfied, but to have a new heart. ''

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This is exactly what happen to Nicodemus when the Saviour addressed His honest desire the seeker of all truth.

The work of Christ fail no one. When Nicodemus received the truth from the very lips of the Saviour, the honor and high position which the people gave him helped him none but deliver him to darkness.

After the heart was open, Nicodemus felt unclean and unholy. The lesson he received, the truth echoed carried by Nicodemus, his wealth was donated to the needy and the rest of his life was spent poor in earthy pleasure.

The truth must be delivered with pure intention and is not just to open a discussion, specially nowadays it is as important as the truth were told above the Mount of olives.

We must seek after truth and we must openly accept that all have sinned and all are in need of deep conversation with the merciful and compassionate Author of Salvation. We might don't know what lies ahead, but at least the eyes of our hearts are on Him.


Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on July 14, 2021:

An awome day to you Sir Manatita!

I'm very happy the article was delivered in tht kind of manner


Always always, I thank you so very much for the visit!

Sending power hugs and a bunch of love!!!!!!!!

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on July 14, 2021:

A beautiful day to you Ms Dora!

I'm glad I delivered the message clear.

Your visit is highly appreciated {wink}

Sending power hugs and a bunch of kisses!!!!!!!

Chrish Canosa (author) from Manila Philippines on July 14, 2021:

A wonderful day to you Ms Pamela,

Thanks a lot for stopping by as well!

Sending a bunge of love and kisses!!!!!!

manatita44 from london on July 14, 2021:

I love your work, my sweet. You explanation is simple, warm-hearted and full of kindness, service and Light. Beautiful! -Manatita

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on July 13, 2021:

Thanks for sharing your insights on this man's conversion. I especially like your conclusion to which we can all relate.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 13, 2021:

This is a good article, Chrish. I agree with the points you made in this article about Jesus. Thank you for sharing this information.

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