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Who Is He? Part 9

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


They invited their daughter some days after and asked her of her love life

Which she replied she has no one in her life, then they asked about the

Young man and her and she replied they are simply friends but nothing more

Than being friends.

Her parents told asked her if she has considered them coming together as

Husband and wife and she replied she has never given that a thought all

Her life although people used to call them couple of the decade but she

Has never seen herself having a future with him she replied.

They talked at length with her, and they discovered that she though liked

The young man but as she has stated she does not wish to be in romantic

Relationship with him let alone be married to him.

Her parents agreed to give her sometimes after that day before they raise

The issue again this time around they will tell her he is the person they want

Her to be married to, if indeed she is their daughter they had concluded.

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When they met for deliberations on this months after it was a tug of war as

They had insisted after noticing that she has not changed her disposition

Towards the young man and in fact from the reports they have been

Receiving lately the damsel does not want to see the young man nigh her

Again, according to her, it is because he has been getting close to her that has

Been the reason why he has been dreaming of them married to each other.

The report of her not wanting him close by her has gotten to the parents and

They have discovered that the situation is getting out of hand and of the need to

Wade in and command her that marrying the young man is not one of her options

It is the only option as far as they are concerned if they are indeed her parents.

When she heard that he is the only option they had for her, she has replied

That it thence means she will not get married on earth, because she will in

No way be married to him. If you have been collecting anything from his

Parents you better go and return them all because I will not marry him.

As she barged out of their presence.

They were shocked to notice this, for their daughter has never acted like that

Before she has been considered the meekest of all their children, who listens to

Their instructions, carrying them out to letters and always do their wills.

Therefore they have viewed it that someone must have been teaching her bad

Things. Therefore they set up monitoring people to be monitoring her walks

Daily so that they know if there have been strange people she has been affiliating


They studied for months but never saw her in company of anyone who is strange

All the people she has been associating with are those they know quite well.

This has been on going for months and then a new family joins their religion.

This new family has just relocated to the community and has been practicing

The aliens religion where they were living before. Thence, when they got to the

Community, what they quickly located was the place to be worshiping their new

Found god of the aliens.


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