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Who Is He? Part 8

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


They had agreed that the young man should go to the lady to propose to

Her of his intent that they be settled together as husbands and wife in no

Distant future, after all they had so many things in common, their parents

Had been very close, they were worshiping the same god of the aliens,

And have had many things in common since their childhood days. They

Had studied each other over the years and have known each other’s

Likes and dislikes, dos and don’ts, common sicknesses among other things.

So they are really not new to each other, what they simply want to do

Is solidifying and or legalizing what people have known them for and had

Been calling them since their childhood days.

As their parents have agreed and he has been counseled he did approach

Her and proposed to her, thinking that she will embrace the idea instantly

But she did not embrace the idea.

Albeit like the culture of the community that a lady that is being proposed

To should buy time, the lady also replied that he should give her time to

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Think about what he has said because she never dreamt of the idea, the

Thought has not for once crossed her mind.

Though people have been calling them couples but she has been considering

That child’s play and has nothing to do with them in the future she has replied him.

He gave his parents the feedback of what she has said and they told her that

Is how ladies used to act and reply to the person they loved that he should

Not worry himself on what she has said and how she has reacted to him

During the course of their discussion you must have shocked her by going to

Her at that period maybe she was expecting you will come at a later date than

The present date his parent has stated.

The good thing and news about this is that her parents have consented to

You and her coming together and they do not foresee any troubles about

You coming together because her parents will talk to her about this

They had concluded. He heaved a sigh of relief on hearing this.

They told him he needs to continue to be friends with her, buy her things

Visit her unexpectedly, until the period she will decide for him. In the meanwhile

They added that they will feed her parents back of what her response was

So that her parents will be working on her psychologically till everything becomes

Solidified as we have been looking forward to.

When they met they told her parents of her response to their son, and

Her parents replied that they trusted their daughter she has been well

Nurtured, she will reply as she has replied so that your son will not think she

Is that cheap.

They told them to be rest assured that their daughter would be their son’s

In no distant time, for they are going to talk to her.


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