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Who Is He? Part 7

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She keeps to what she says and has been hoping for the time she

Will start dating, when she hopes to bring about the changes.

About two of her siblings have stated that since she is the most

Loved of them all she may eventually have her way but as for them

Because they are not as loved as her, they cannot have their ways

And it is better to let the sleeping dog lie than arose it and bring about

Trouble into the home that everyone looks forward to in the society.

She seriously doubted what was said by her siblings but says if that

Would make way for her she would prefer it that way, for she is not

Going to marry the person her father will choose for her except the

Person is the person she has loved and she has been eyeing all along

There has been a family that her family has been close with, their

Friendship begins when they joined the new introduced religion

Into the community about thirty years ago.

The man was the first one to embrace the religion before her wife joined

About six years after when she also learnt about the new doctrine which is

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The doctrine of monogamy.

However in the case of her parents both had joined at the same time because

They had been courting before the new religion was introduced. Therefore, they

Just took their love into the new religion. The priests of the new religion never

Frowned at this thus they continued their romantic involvement and would get

Married later.

Since the man has joined they had been walking together and when his spouse

Though single before coming on board also joined they started their friendship.

Different things bring different people together, it is the same religion that has

Brought them together and they have been having it nice together.

Her parents though married earlier than the man but that never stopped them.

He also got married to his spouse about four years after her parents have been married

And god of the aliens bless both married couples with children.

One of the sons of this family and this lady was close, they have been close

Since their childhood days and had been doing almost everything together.

They were very fond of each other such that people have been calling them

Children couple.

However, when the lady grows to teenager she discovers that though she

Likes being a friend of the young man, but she does not like to be married

To him as wife in the future.

Though their friendship continues as the friendship of the family yet she

Has discovered this.

Then something happened one day, the father of the young guy told her

Father of his son’s desire about his daughter, his son really loved her and

Want to be married to her.

This will solidify their friendship they had reasoned together and he had

Approved their coming together in marriage without the consent of the

Young damsel.


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