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Who Is He? Part 6

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The change she continues to hope for, but no appreciable changes

until when her elder siblings started dating. Then her father comes up

with another theorem that none of the children could get married outside him

He is the one who shall choose the person each of his children shall

be married to unto them. His elder siblings put up some resistances

but had to succumb to his decision afterwards.

What her elder siblings did, does not go down well with her, and she

has had it in mind that hell would be let loose by the time she wants to

date a guy for she would not consent to her father's desires except

the person he eventually supports is the person in her heart to be dating.

Her elder siblings would be complaining among themselves about the

decision of their parents on the person he gets for them to marry to

whenever they raise such she would tell them that they need to have

call a spade a spade, slug it out with their father that they would in no

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way subscribe to those persons.

But since they have allowed for that, they have failed. Adding that she

was hoping that they would not allow that because their home none of

their parents would live with them when they are married to the person they

choose for them.

her siblings' response is that they want peace to reign in the family. Though

the persons chose for them are not their kind of persons to be married to but

it is not as if they are totally bad, they will reply.

Then she would say, having allowed that they should not raise the issue wherever

she is again. But as for her, she will in no way allow for that, she is going to break

the record, she is going to date differently and marry differently.

Her elder ones will say "amen", praying that they all be alive to see how she

would possibly make the difference during her own period. "You just wait and see"

she will say.


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