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Who Is He? Part 5

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When she was a child she notices that her father is the

one dictating the phase of everything at home, he is one

telling all what they need to do, any contrary opinion to his'

would generate troubles and instabilities at home.

Due to this her mother has decided to lay low, she allows

everything her father says to stand because she wants stability

for her family.

Like elders used to say that in a family one of the couples need

to be a sheep when the other acts like a goat. Her mother has

decided to be a sheep in all instances and has been hammering

it to the ossicles of her children that they need to allow peace to reign

in all instances.

The female children she will tell that their husbands are their heads and

they should always allow them to have their ways at home.

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This saying does not go down well with her, she has made attempts at

arguing out with her mother one day, but she could not win the argument

with her for her mother based her reactions and response to the ancient

beliefs and practices of the community.

She knows a person cannot be always right, because in the new

religion that their parents have embraced into which they were being

born and raised, their priests have said no one can always be right always.

But here she is with her mother painting it in another way, who is to believe?

She after several thoughts decide that in this instance, their priest is right,

humans are fallible. It is only the Almighty that cannot make mistake.

As from when she comes to this realization she has also frowned at the

idea of autocracy of her father and has been thinking of the means of

changing this, but she has not found the means to change it.

Time changes everything as people say, she has been hoping for when

the occasion will arise and she will change this in the family.


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