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Who Is He? Part 4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


With the aliens teachings and doctrines they have

subscribed to, they had some difficulties getting wedded

because some of the whites teachings antagonize their father's religion.

After much ado, with their parents and family members

who initially did not support their wedding because of their

new religion, they soft pedaled on their earlier position about

them coming together as hubby and wife for they consented to their wedding

A very low key wedding was held as compared to what was

practiced in the past in the community and among their families.

They started living as husband and wife afterwards since the bride price has been paid

The Whites do appreciate their devotion and dedication to

their religion and through them some new things brought into

the community could be introduced.

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Her parents had given birth to four children before her

three males and a female. She is the second female child

and mostly loved by her father.

She started growing in the atmosphere of love as her siblings

started noticing the kind of love being showered on her by her


They had thought the kind of love she enjoys from her father should

be enjoyed by their first born child who interestingly is also a male

child but that was not the case. Only God knows why he likes her so dearly

Others reasoned, even the wife could not state why.

They were being brought up in the way of the new religion which

their parents have embraced and many children who are their

peers in the society also "eyed" them, because of the care that

is different that they were receiving from their parents.


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