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Who Is He? Part 3

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She continued to think that he may sometimes call it quit

with the new religion in no distant time and go back to

their old religion where they have gotten out from.

Whatever it is his decision, she has had it at the back of

her mind that as sparrows die on the ridges in the farmlands

she will equally die where her spouse dies.

If he decides to leave their new found religion because of the

"Doctrine of Monogamy" she will also leave the religion with him

because after all it has been the major practice of the people of the

community since the period of her establishment or thereabout

so she believed, according to her fore-parents stories.

Their fore-fathers have been marrying many wives,

some married as many as fourteen wives and they

have been living in harmony.

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However, there were few polygamous homes where

discord has been reported and she was aware of this

but those few ones according to statisticians could be ignored

Since majority of them live happily though married to many women

Therefore, they have been ignoring this small percentage sometimes

called "null" and have continued their way of life, marrying and giving in

marriage to many women.

Having been expectant of his comment with nothing coming forth

she has been thinking that he is taking his time because he does

not want to leave suddenly.

But the more she hopes for his comment on this doctrine from their

new religious leaders, the more she discovers that he was looking

unruffled about this and was not saying anything.

She could not ask him because the tradition of the land does not

allow for wives to ask such thing from their spouses, let alone her

who is yet dating the young man.

After waiting for days, weeks with no changes in his disposition

towards the doctrine she knows that her partner has subscribed

to this doctrine of the aliens...


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