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Who Is He? Part 2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


When those people remember the messages of their

Progenitors as being handed over to them through

oral stories, they decided to leave them to follow the

new religion their hearts have embraced.

Saying the means to know and worship the Almighty varies

Various means of such existed in their community before

the immigration of those white people, usually called the aliens.

And it is another means of communicating with the Almighty

that those aliens have brought into their land through their


"We all serve the same Almighty" it is only the means

and methods employed in serving him that differ the

people have concluded.

Having decided to stop pestering them to leave the

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religion neither disturb them nor harass them, the

Love birds have continued to worship the new god of

the "Aliens".

When the "Whites" were instructing them on doctrines

and tenets of their religion they had told them one of the

tenets is monogamy.

The lady was happy when she heard this, as the

proverbs of the land which says, "god bless my

Household with another woman is a woman's

false wish (translation orisa je ki npe meji obinrin ko denu)"

Because all along she has detested polygamy but there

is no way she could say that to her spouse because it has

Been the age long practice of the people of the community.

After they were told this, she started waiting for what would be her

partner's response to the tenet, because it is a bitter pill to swallow

for many men in the community.

Many of them talk of some of the communities where polygamy is

not popular that the men there were inferior and weak because

they do not take more than one woman as their wife.

They believed a real man should marry at least three wives if

not more because women have funny characters and it is by

marrying more women that one would be able to put women

under check and balances

In addition to this they also believed that by marrying more than

one woman one would by that be able to lead the community because

it is a person who interacts with different people who will be able

to lead myriad of people within the society, but a person who is married

to one woman such a man would neither be balanced nor be able to

lead the community successfully, such a man would not be able to

extract chaff from the wheat of a matter when issues are brought before him...


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