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Who Is He? Part 11

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As they continued their romantic involvement secretly, people noticed that her

Life changed and she is the type who has been relying on siblings and few friends

For assistance before, she never relied on them as she can now do things for herself

Her parents though yet threatening her and saying they will not allow for her to be

Married to someone else apart from the young man, but she insisted on her own way

That she has her life to live and they cannot live her life for her.

Her siblings would ask her of the person she is involved with but she will not reply

Them, saying she is not seeing anyone and that all the blessings she has been receiving

Are from her female friends.

Her siblings do not believe her but since they do not have evidence, they kept their peace.

Some of them even thought she had been sleeping with a man to get money, but there was

A practice in a community which only virgin ladies could attend, anyone who has been

Defiled cannot attend the function for if she does, her secret would be exposed and she

Will be mocked and derided by the people of the community.

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She was regular at the functions and no negative thing happened to her. This made some

People think she has some diabolical powers and had contacted the gods about her. The

Gods have revealed to her that she is yet intact as she has been claiming not defiled.

Then the people have agreed she is and therefore has been saying who is it behind her

Success? Who is the person helping her to stand her ground against her parents decisions?

If the person is a male, the person must really have loved her to be doing all he has been

Doing for her without having carnal knowledge of her, because no male will render

Such assistance for a lady without having carnal knowledge of her they had reasoned.

The situation continued and the priests of the new religion they belong to ask the

Lady of her spouse but she replied she had none, that they should ask her parents.

The priests asked her parents of what they are doing about her settling down in

Marriage and they replied that she is a stubborn lady the person they had wanted

Her married to she has rejected and even severe the relationship with the young man.

For shame the young man has left the community for another because he cannot

Withstand the ridicule and shame from her again.

Then the priests have told them that they should allow her marry the person she

Wanted her doing this will equally save them of so many things in the future, for

She will not come to them to say they are the ones who have forced her to marry

The person she is married to in the future when there is troubles.

After much deliberations and considerations, her parents agreed with what their

Priests have counseled and agreed that she should marry anyone she wanted.

About three months after the agreement she was still not sure of them and was

Thinking they were setting her up so that they would molest the person she is

Romantically involved with and she would not want that to happen she has to

Protect his integrity, it is the duty of a good lady to protect her man she has

Reasoned therefore, she has not told the young man about this and had been

Hiding the resolution of her parents from him.

When her parents could not stand this they invited her siblings to discuss with her

Telling them about how they have come up with their final decisions, and that she

Should not see what they are doing as a form of set-up to embarrass the person

But they have willingly agreed.

She couldn’t believe her ears when she was told this by her siblings, and they told her

She has fought the good fight of faith, she has kept the hope alive and now had set a new

Path for those who are yet single in the family.

Having heard this that was when she told them about the young man she has been dating

When they all heard this they were happy because the young man of a true is easy going

And loved by many in the society especially in their new found faith.

They promised that they will not tell their parents about this and would act as if they

Have no knowledge about this when they asked them until she divulges the information

To them herself.

About three weeks after this, because the young man traveled the good news was broken

To the parents and they asked her to invite him home to them.

They stated before all that the young man indeed love her as he has stand out differently,

He has risked himself to assist her on the basis of whether the relationship will work out or

Will not work out and today they are grateful that the relationship indeed worked out.

They blessed their dating and it was declared openly.

About a month after this, they got married and are happily living afterwards….(End)


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