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Who Is He? Part 10

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


This family also has seven children but most of their children are not living

With them except one who is a male and the first born of the family. Others have

Started working in the communities around before the relocation with about three

Of them having their own families.

Many people who see this young man thought he would have been married and if

Not married would perhaps be at the brink of solidifying his wedding with his lover

Whom people perceive would be living in the community where they have once been

Living before relocating to the new community.

One thing however was not hidden about this young man and it was that he was devoted

To the religion of the aliens. He knows many things about the religion which even some

Of those the whites handed over the religion to in the community do not know.

He lives a simple life, gently going, and looks as if he cannot even kill a cockroach.

He seems as if he is not interested in friendships in the community as he is always alone

To himself, minds his own businesses.

His disposition and mien have impressed this young lady and she has had it in mind to

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Be acquainted with him. They soon got together and her parents also know about them

Being friends.

The man having interacted with some ladies before had paused to ask himself where the

Relationship is heading for? But he has no suitable answer for this question within his mind

Therefore he let it lie as it is.

One day he and the lady had been together talking about several things within the community

And she asking him about many things about his past which he was given but when she asked

About his spouse, he lied to him and she accepted what he said that his wife is in the community

Where they were living before.

Having said he is engaged the lady lose herself to him and could raise and discuss anything with

Him about herself with a view to him counseling her. This he was faithfully doing.

One day, he couldn’t hide his feelings again and had to propose to the lady. The proposal shocked her

Because he had told her he is engaged. She thence asks of the lady and what would be her fate. It was

This question that she asks that made him told her the truth about himself that he is not engaged to

Anyone and had been having difficulties getting a suitable partner all along, but he has to be hiding

His condition from people.

However, since he has noticed that she is single because she has not tell him about her spouse since

They had become friends, therefore he made bold to talk to her maybe she is the one the gods have

Been preserving for him all these years of anguish and torments of getting acquainted with a lady.

Though I do not have a spouse, but there is someone that my parents want me to be married to

She has replied him and this has been generating a lot of issues between me and my parents

For some about three years now she has replied him such that many of the things they have

Been doing for me they have stopped doing them, telling me until I accept what they have said

They will not be taken care of me as they had been before.

They obviously are telling you that you are grown up and should therefore fending for

Yourself if you do not accept what they have stated, he said.

That is what I also sensed. But I had no one, and my siblings have been the ones assisting me

Albeit secretly because he must not know about it, if he does, he will stop them from

Assisting me and things and life would have been miserable for me, she replied.

If you can agree to be mine, I shall be filling in the gap for you, he has replied her.

That was how they started their romantic relationship albeit secretly.


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