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Who Is He? Part 1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Baby Elizabeth Ogidi, Magboro, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Baby Elizabeth Ogidi, Magboro, Ogun State, Nigeria.

She is the fifth child of her parents

and she is the most loved by her father

of all the children he has

Their family being a monogamous one

in the society where they lived where

greater percentage of the marriages in

that society is a polygamous one.

Her parents have been one of the few

who have embraced the religion newly

Introduced by the "aliens" into their community

when they were single and were dating

When they embraced this religion many people

Have tried their best to talk them out of the

religion but they had insisted that it is either

they continue with the new religion or become atheists.

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When those who were trying to convince them heard

of what they wanted to opt for, they felt one is better off,

that it is better they continue to worship "gods" in their

newly found religion than becoming atheists

The progenitors of their island had frowned at atheists

strongly counselling their descendants never to embrace

anything like such in the future, when the world evolves,

changes to new things

For they had forecast that there would be major shake

up on the earth that would attract different new

things into the world

Out of the new things that would enter the earth is

"atheism" their progenitors had stated to their fore-fathers.

Since their community would not be immune against

developments that would happen on earth which would

pull along atheism

They strongly counseled that while embracing those

good and new developments like other countries because

they would move their communities and individuals forward

they should not embrace atheism, which would be brought

along with those developments

For it is a means to make folly of "gods" making man "all-in-all"

which the gods desist and would never be happy about

Anyone who does this would be punished by the gods

while on earth and in the world beyond....


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