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White Nights Review


"The dark night's of our lives" would have been a better tittle for this work. Every now and then we find ourselves living in a circle of unending pain, regret and sorrow, which makes us see that the darkness is overwhelming us but it's always the darkest at dawn. Of course all of us know that Dostoevsky's works are historical, and beyond expecional. In the short story "white nights" Dostoevsky strikes one of the long aged problem of human beings and thats the unrequited love.

Personally when i read book's i usually perfer them to deal with real issues and topics and less concerning the emotional state of human beings yet after finishing one chapter of this book i had to finish it.

The fact is that it doesn't only strike the issue of unrequited love (as most review's suggest) it actually show's us the suffering and emotional conflict that people go through. You can feel the psychological struggle that people go through, epically the feeling of alienation that people can go through. People usually like to read, listen and even watch thing's that reflects them so this is the reason why stories like this one is found to be appealing by people.

The plot is set in Saint Petersburg in russia, in 4 "white night's" in which the nameless protagonis meets up with a young women. (Nastenka) and the overall structure of the stroy is easy to follow. the protagonist feels lonely as he is the only person in the world, no one to understand, listen and share his issues with, that he feels completely isolated from the outside world. people who are like the nameless protagonist are a lot in our lives that we don't know about.The struggles in life and the issues he deal's with are a part of him yet when he accidentally encounters Nastenka (which happend by by chance) they get to be acquainted and share their problems to each other. For our hero things seem to be going well that he finally finds someone to care for him but this will cause him more harm than good. By the end of the book one will see that our narrator was much better of not meeting the young women. since meeting her caused him to fall in love with her which was not returned by Nastenka. Nastenka was. Essentially waiting for her lover, the narrator was now in love with a person that doesn't feel the same which creates a whole ordeal in the story.

It's these stories that impact us after reading books, stories like this one, which make us sympathize with the hero and feel sad for him as we do for our selves. As you read through the book, the imagery is that strong that you can practically see the incidents of the book that simply, Also themes like alienation and love are present in this story. Another interesting thing that caught my attention was the relation of the mood of the hero with the overall weather in the story, for example when he first meet Anastasia he describes the weather as "It was a wonderful night, such a night as is only possible when we are young, dear reader." But as you move on through the story, since more and more thing's were head south, you can see that the weather turns to dark, rainy and depressing. It's nice to see the mood of the hero go in parallel with the weather

If i had to think of a quote from this work that is still stuck with me is"May your sky always be clear, may your dear smile always be bright and happy, and may you be for ever blessed for that moment of bliss and happiness which you gave to another lonely and grateful heart. Isn't such a moment sufficient for the whole of one's life?"

To conclude in the end of the day all of us should be more like the narrator, instead of falling onto sorrow we should accept our problems and be stronger because in the end of the day, we can find our selves like the narrator's position. in the end the story has a message of hope that we shouldn't beat ourselves if the person we want doesn't share the same feeling with us.

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