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On the thorny Hollywood road



We men are all alike
Especially with regard to women's love
The subject is as ambiguous as the darkness of the ocean
Why should we judge the man over the past?
On a case is a scientific issue
The issue is too big to be solved by the courts
The woman who claimed ....the man

She is also guilty if he is guilty
She has been silent on harassment in the past
In order to realize the American dream
The man was as a project she was silent for
For villa, car and swimming pool
Today, she wants more than the American dream
She was learning that the man wanted more
She knew that drinking wine had an effect
On the thorny Hollywood road
We men are all alike
Who did not steal a look at the actress
We hugged her in dreams
We were harassed on winter nights
wait. Look I do not write fiction
I love writing the truth
And if we put the man in jail. Because of the past
We will make all the presidents of the world with him
The subject is complex and not easy
And it is better to fold
Because it disturbs our confidence in cinema
Past past. (And we all have mistakes in the past)

© 2018 tabouche amin

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