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Where Love Is a Crime #2

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Those leaders who called him expect to see when he would leave but they did not see that

As he continues with what he was doing in the island. As he continues with this, his superiors

Have been brainstorming on what to do about his case how to bring him down. He cannot be

Brought down without concrete evidence for the people of the island cherishes concrete

Evidence for that to happen. Then they decided to implant someone into his group to get the

Messages of what he was saying to bring him down. In the meanwhile, the lady who has just

Joined his team has been having feelings for him and this he can see boldly written all

Over her. Their feelings for each other couldn’t be hidden again and they started living

Together the lady too was from another island, and had migrated to the island because of

Poverty. On getting to the island, she was told that one of the surest means of making it

Early is joining the army of the island. She has joined the army and has been doing well.

Then she afterwards fell in love with the man. Because she has not believed in the island’s

Ideologies like the man she has been glued to the man. And when they became

Romantically involved insisting that they will do it like it is been done in their island, they

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Traveled to the lady’s island without informing anyone to do marriage. However the case

Was revealed to their superiors by the people planted into their midst. Having gotten the

Evidences they needed to nail his ass to the wall, they get him arrested, and arraigned him

Before the jurists who sentenced him to death according to the laws of the island. Two days

After he was killed and his disciples scattered. Many of his followers eventually left the

Island as it is written in the holy books that smite the shepherd and the sheep would be

Scattered. However, there was one secret follower that no one among the force puts their

Anastacia - Love Is a Crime

Focus on. This man continues to work with the island’s army bearing in mind those

Teachings and having focus of restoring what his mentor has taught him. He also started

Raising people secretly, priming them for the task ahead. Like his late mentor he also has

Fallen in love with a lady, but since the laws of the land does not allow for that to happen

He has been looking for way of achieving his aim without dying like his mentor. But he

Discovered that there is no how that he could do this without people knowing as a native of

The island. Assuming he was non-native, he would have left the island to start a new life

Wherever he gets to. However, as a native of the island he has reasoned that even if he

Leaves, he will yet return to the island in the future for there is no place like home. “This is

A battle to be won”, he told his followers while priming them up for the battle ahead,

Telling them that the island has not witnessed appreciable developments because the

Children given birth to are not well taken care of. In the islands where there children are

Being taken care of and having plans for, things have improved there. Economies of those

Places are okay, but in our island economy is not okay because of neglect of the tomorrow of

The island who are the children. They all agreed that they need to do something about this

And save their land. because something has been done for millennia that does not make

The thing right, what is right is right all over the globe, they reasoned. The unrest began at

The corner of a street with one of the loyalists of the leaderships of the island. And then it

Spread to the center of the island. When the soldiers of the island were moved against

Those people going against the laws of the island, the man called out those he had primed

For the battle. The battle was severe but they won the battle because many of those people

Too had to support them at the battle front against the leaderships. That was how the

Hidden follower delivered the island and people could love freely in the island…

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