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Where Love Is a Crime #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


It has been a standing thing in the island that people should not love, what they allow

People to do is when you see anyone of the opposite sex that you seemly like, force yourself

On the person to become pregnant and you start living your life again. marriage is not

Valued in the island. The highest that people of opposite sex do in the island is allowing

Two people of opposite sex to co-inhabit a room or an apartment and they may through that

Give birth to children. When occasions demands for it and one of the duo sees someone else

Outside that she wants to be involved with, she or he can leave the person for that other

Person. That was how the trend has been in the island. Then a young warrior leaves his island

Because he was not happy with the way things are been ran in his island. He has walked far

In the wilderness and desert with no place to settle down at until he gets to this island, on

Getting to the island he does not wish to continue and he decides to settle on the island.

However he has settled down before he knows how things are been done in the island. He

Feels this was not right and he may have been sent into the island to restore things to the

Normal way. As a warrior, he joins the warrior of the island, and soon rise through the rank

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And files because he knows the job very well, as some have tagged him to be a born warrior

For different things which he was doing among them, only people who have been begotten

Warrior according to the history of the island could do what he used to do. As he was in the

Army he soon have people who are loyal to him and who want to be like him. Because he has

Gotten to the position of authority, he carved a portion of his building to training ground

For some of those people who were loyal to him and following him. After their normal

Trainings, he will take time to share with them some things. Most often what he used to share

2face - If Love Is A Crime (lyrics)

With them is the issue of no marriage in the island, saying that such is not right in all the

Islands that he has been to, people do marry, although sometimes there could be divorce,

While some may marry more wives, but there has been marriage at those places it is by that

That one could live an exemplary lifestyle. He knows that majority people will not yield

To what he is saying, thence, he has called out few people to be talking to, who he believed

After he has implanted his principles into their hearts they will bring about the changes later.

According to the rules, anyone who loves such as to want to be settled with his or her

Partners as husbands and wives would be put to shameful death by the leaderships of the

Island. This he says needs to be eradicated and the people be in tune with the standardized

Way of living globally. Along the line a female soldier also joined his team and he was

Telling her as he was telling others alongside with the trainings what he has been exposed to

At other regions of the world that he has been to as warrior and as visitors before moving to

The island. Soon the news of the inner caucus that he has was given to the people at the

Top and they called him to discuss with him. Those people also told him that they had been

To different parts of the world and have known that such is in place, but in their island, they

Do not want such to happen, that is how the island has been for millennia and if he wishes

To continue in that way of life, they counseled him to leave their island. He can even leave

With any member of his inner caucus who is loyal to him, the leaderships would not frown

At him on that, for they have chosen that way of living and are not ready to change from

The way. He thanked them and told them that is what he will do, for you cannot be in a

System and yet be talking about the system. He said that to pacify them because he has no

Intention of leaving the island for any other islands again, nor to go and establish the

Island of his own.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on October 21, 2020:

BRENDA ARLEDGE, I will support that. Love is all encompassing. Thanks for the comment.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 21, 2020:

I think I would establish an island of my own.

I have never heard of such a place & hope to not visit.

I believe in love that is everlasting between two.

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