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When You Tell a Little Child a Poem About Lovely Animals


The lazy rabbit

Oh, lazy rabbit what are you doing in the rabbit hole, why haven't you ever been out of your home.

There has always been a lot of things to do on the outside than on the inside.

Oh, lazy rabbit, wake up from your sleep and keep moving on till the day arrives at its beauty.

Oh, lazy rabbit tries to do something that will keep you busy all day long and no time is there for you to rest your mind and body.

Oh, lazy rabbit, why haven't you had your food aren't you starving your body to keep yourself healthy and strong.

Oh, lazy rabbit, record the days of your life in a book of hope and cherish that will keep you forever glad and happy above the things you have done in your daily routine everyday day and night.

Oh, the lazy rabbit, you love to eat carrots every day non-stop.

Oh, lazy rabbit, gives me a smile to make me happy every day looking at you in your eyes.

Oh, lazy rabbit, when will you make the day go smooth with the energy from your paws and legs as you jump up and down into the air to make yourself look excited.

Oh, lazy rabbit, dance through the festivals of joy and gladness of redemption of life and death.

Oh, lazy rabbit, let you have two or three cups of water to fill your stomach with fruits and nuts.

Oh, lazy rabbit, you kept yourself safe from the hands of the men and the look of the wolves and foxes who extremely aggressively looking to bounce and grab you as food for their stomach.

Oh, lazy rabbit, meet your friends early in the morning and pray to God to keep you safe.

Oh, lazy rabbit, sing through your teeth the song of joy resembling the fun of the light.

Oh, lazy rabbit is like a friend to man for it is so cute and fluffy like a teddy bear.

Oh, lazy rabbit you don't want to go anywhere except come home to the rabbit hole and stay at night.

Oh, lazy rabbit isn't you looking for any freedom in the world.

Oh, the lazy rabbit goes and help those who are in need of your help.

My, My My lazy rabbit mend itself well and does the bouncing up and down.

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Oh, this lazy rabbit is always excited and determined to make all things good for himself and his family.

Oh, the lazy rabbit hasn't found anything to keep on the spot, he is looking for in that direction he wants to go and come.

Oh, lazy rabbit, the luckiest animal in the world.

Oh, lazy rabbit when small has always been protected by his mum and dad.

Oh, the lazy rabbit doesn't forget the wonders of God.

When in the race the lazy rabbit runs faster the tortoise, he is always tired of life.

The tortoise is always slow. It never stays at the back, it takes one steps ahead and never gets tired of life.

This is a lesson, we learn from both the lazy rabbit and tortoise.

For Easter, we like to make a chocolate bunny with hazelnut, fruits, nuts, cashew and many more.

I feel the need to have a little baby lazy rabbit in my hands and pet it all day and keep near me to sleep.

I love the little lazy rabbit for its sweet red eyes and comfort of all the gladness in my heart and eyes.

This rabbit is a clever little animal and wants to be cool in the land of the jungle against the king lion and speak for itself among the animal and be the best, although it is weak, meek, timid and lonely than other animals. This is how to train a rabbit to be the awesome one in the entire animal race.

This is so cool and its best is the bird, elephant, mouse, tortoise and many other animals.

The whole fun of having a rabbit in your home is to see the beauty God that has made and to thanks every day.

Fun to have is impossible for all of us.

For Christmas, I want to make a bunny chocolate pound cake with white chocolate with caramel, hazelnuts and dates on the outside of the cake. Yummy.

Enjoy the day with the lazy rabbit, it going to be fun for me and you and the rest of the people and the world of glowing in happiness and gladness just sit during the covid and think like the lazy rabbit what good things we can you like it due to boredoms and misadventure at home in that room of your in the whole house your whole life.

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