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When She Felt Free and Got up to Dance.

As an independent writer, she worked as an editor in a number of Alexandria websites, and her novel Rathways of Gods won the Prize

It seeks to conceal the features of a creature that appears in the mirror.

I looked up to him. No, you didn't recognize him. She's back trying to hide his face.

She grabbed, she stretched out in front of her, and she looked closer to her face. They turned their gaze, imagining every one of them.

I hated the mumbles of pity on their closed mouths, secretly talking about them... She wanted the loudest sound. She went through everything she had.

I pressed her ear. Hate that new dress they put her in. I took my consoling hands away from her... She changed her face.

I looked at her. Yeah, that's new, I don't know. She landed with a force that insists her foot hit the ground... I carried it in her purse. Hey, but who's worth... I hated their looks even more. They look at her every second.

Look at who's worth... There, he slams at her with horrendous language, indifferent to those around him, trying to calm him down in a low voice to make him sound even louder... His hands are like a serpent, slowly sneaking in his slippers to touch what's not hers.

I felt her bag. Another scream, in his coarse voice, hands back in position. The passengers landed to their position. Looking through the faces. She had only a small amount which alerted her mind to be used more carefully than it was only worth more..... Calm came, the columns on the streets lit, with their faint light.

She walked in lit you haven't found Perhaps you look another day.... She didn't notice, walking through a tunnel with no loud feet, and so on. I heard a weak voice.
A loud voice, a chirping toe.. I felt the suitcase out of it. Yes, he is. She closed her eyes and got closer... Her certainty has grown.... I grabbed it steady. I shot... His voice froze.

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She didn't understand. He will dwell on the earth before her. She ran away from home. As she put her bag back on, she went over her feet with a weak hiss.

I came close, I sat and watched. A body trembling minutes before it finally came to rest. She breathed a sigh of relief, walked back to them. She didn't care what they looked like.
She had to face that nightmare her whole life, she shut herself up, she accepted what was said she was guilty, although she did wish the people she loved believed her when she told them everything, but decided to shut up and punish her.

She was just a little girl, and when she wrote that nightmare in a paper and read it to everyone, they thought she was becoming a bad fantasy.

She decided to go to the dream world, but inside her mind she didn't feel pain when he came back to harass her body again, while no one saw what she was seeing, she was angry at herself at night and heard a voice in her mind saying, You are guilty, you are guilty, until she decided to choose her own world.

She paints and sees her paintings become real. He had little time to spend with her while her mind began to see another world as everyone watched her madness.

When they decided she was a liar, she also decided they weren't real. She heard her grandmother crying for the first time while her mind went after dream land.
The mother and grandmother were crying while the father and brother were worried about the neighbours' words: everyone knows about everyone and it would be scandalous. While she was in her room painting more of her friends.

When they came out very early in the morning and put her in that car, she knew she would never see her home again.

When they arrived, her mother was crying as her hands were taking her down a long driveway, she turned to see her mother for the first time, while her father and brother stood there without a face.

As she entered her new room, she felt comforted that he could no longer come, as he was doing in front of her family, never again approaching her body.
For the first time in many years, she felt free to stand dancing.


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