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When You've Taken All You Can Take


When you've taken all you can take and you can't shoulder anymore,

When you've stumbled and you've fallen and you can't get off the floor.

When the world has let you down and everyone you trusted,

When your world is upside down and and theres nothing left but nothing.

When your feeling lonely and small and theres no one there to hold you,

When you feel it's not worth going on and you just want it over.

Reach your hand out to mine, You'll always find me there,

Your friend and your lover, you know I'll always care.

When lifes problems overwhelm you and the burden is too much,

Stretch your arms out to me and feel that loving touch.

When your stretched to the limits and peace you can not find,

I'll be there to pick you up time after time.

When you feel that all is lost and your dreams have come to an end,

Run to me sweet darling and know you've found a friend.

When you've taken all that you can take and the tears begin to fall,

I'll reach out to calm your fears and love you through it all.

When you're lost and alone and have nothing to hold on to,

You know you always have me waiting there for you.

When the hope that you had clung to has all but disappeared,

Depend on me to lift you up and wipe away your tears.

When you've taken all that you can take and you can't take anymore,

I'll lie right there beside you darling close together on the floor.

Together Again

My husband was released on December 13th, 2016 safe and sound. I thank god every day for his protection. He has to get used to a different world than what it used to be but we are taking it slowly, day by day.

Four years later

My husband has been home four years now and our is amazing. Nothing has changed. The love is still there and so is the memories and the lost time.

I hope this poem gives hope to those suffering. I went 14 years without my husband. I can not imagine being without him again.



pmccray from Utah on October 26, 2010:

It gives one great solace to know that you have a friend, when you are at your lowest. I love this beautiful poem, voted up, marked beautiful.

QudsiaP1 on October 15, 2010:

Beautiful, thumb's up.

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