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When I Am Away From Destination

The journey of success would not have been easy

I am far away from the destination don't know when I will get the perfect destination.

How long is this journey,I am very tired after walking on it and how much is the rest of the journey.

I'm crossing the toughest crossroads but don't know why I can't cross the path.

Is my destination far away or my way seems to be, both are stuck in a fast middle.

Or the waves took him and took him in the middle of the river where he wanted to sink.

I did not know the way to my destination would be so unbearable and unimaginable.

Don't get the destination easily but why not after so much effort.

The law of nature is something new, something bright in the morning new new.

Then why give up than why stop then why not get the destination.

Confidence power all falters when you lose confidence.

Be strong willed go ahead and see your destination.

The victory will be on the far right, no matter how far your journey is.

If the journey is long, it is difficult, then only one gets peace, his enthusiasm is doubled.

Suddenly no one's fate opens, you have to ride with your hands.

If you are stuck in the sky, it doesn't matter if you are right, then he brings you to the shore skill fully.

And it seems that he has a long journey, but he does not give up, he overcomes his ardent desire.

Nothing is easy in this world but a person makes every difficulty easy.

Fatigue and the journey is long, your despair is too circle.

But if not, then your journey is full of progress.

Everything would have been beyond one's own aspirations.

There will be countless obstacles in the journey, but don't give up, the difficult journey will be cut.

Don't get lonely in the journey, give up your destination, success is sure to come.

When you will get the pearl at the last stop of the journey.

The pearl that you want to get, like your form, like your purpose.

With the brilliance of the pearl of success, you will be tired of the whole journey.

When you will get the destination of your dreams, there will be new light in you.

The light that you decide with your mighty power from yourself.

If you did not give up, did not sit tired, then today you got a new look.

Your aura will be shining and your new chapter will begin.

Beginning of a chapter where your desire will never

Somewhere you went far away from many destination but with your mighty you won.

No, you don't leave the journey, looking at the destination far away, just don't sit tired and meet, just some distance away.

You will get a gift for all your fatigue, not you lose hope.

Your destination was not easy but you were not so powerless.

You had the pretense of reaching your destination, you tried.

Somewhere on the lost power, then on a long journey and did the whole goal.

The journey ended and the pie reached its shining destination.

The destination that you were unable to achieve somewhere and became emotional

But you did not give up the task of leaving him, you were completely successful.

Was away from the destination but you got the result of difficult paths.

Now your journey has stopped, you have found the destination, you have won the victory of your desire, the defeat of despair.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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