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When I Was Fondest of Summer Recollections.

Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

Oh, the sheer joy of being three.

Oh, the sheer joy of being three.

Summer Memories That Will Never Fade.

When I was a child

my Summer nights

were not as enticing

as my Summer days

only dreams filled the gaps

between my long hours of play

Sure there was Halloween

and Christmas Eve

and of course there was a special

visitor every summer day

that had all the kids

in my neighborhood

dashing about with great

excitement at it’s arrival.

I remember the bright

melodies of it’s chimes

and that ice cream man

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But when I became a teen

all those sweet summer nights

directed me to dance across

the many stages of my exquisite

process of growing up

County Fairs with pretty girls

eager to share rides with me

as well as cotton candy

flavored kisses,

bringing me my

first understandings

of what love’s true bliss is,

plus that girl next door who

transitioned from

being my childhood

mud pie, making assistant

to an huge ache in my heart

on lonely Summer nights

that became persistent

for she had grown up beautiful.

and sometimes under

the cover of darkness

we would slip away

to pay lip service

to our newfound admiration

for each other

Summer nights also brought

Dances and Proms that

that allowed me to

pull God’s loveliest

creations close to me

for long minutes of warm flesh

and heated whispered endearments.

buttered promises

that I still raise

a toast to with a

melancholy grin.

Then of course

whay came next was

the blessings of my 1st

rusty old car that

granted me freedom

on many a summer Night

to escape with a young Goddess

for movies and Ice cream shakes

over the sun baked, cooling roads

till we wound up at

some lane for lovers

where my cars back seat became

a throne for passion,

bodies molded

together by a hungry need,

hearts racing

through the many possibilities

with only some sampled

because the girls I loved

would only go so far

but oh, what a journey it was.

Summer nights brought

so many delights

camping trips as graduates

with that special girl who had

made school worth tolerating

campfires that warmed heated kisses

and a sleeping bags that was

never meant for two

but we figured it out

as we became Siamese

It was those youthful summer nights

that come back to haunt me

in the wee hours of my current life

innocence transitioning into

the hood of adult, where my

summer nights still hold enticements

but nothing that comes close to

the pulse racing, butterfly in my belly

sweet embracing of a youthful love

on long ago Summer nights

All now just memories for savoring

on August nights reserved for

those who simply are growing old.

We are only granted 18 years

of such splendid summer eves,

and then life sets us on a course

that allows no returning.

except down memory lanes.

Detours from what is to what was

a vacation from ones senses

when they are most blue.

cherish them, and they will

enrich you for all of your life.

Those long gone Summer nights.

Part two- The struggle to adulthood

I grew up in the projects

and I studied poverty,

watched my daddy

working three hard jobs

just to feed our family

It wasn't always pretty

even in the best of times

But I turned all my frustration

into writing songs and rhymes.

I never owned a guitar,

never held one in my hand,

But I made some out of cardboards

that I strung with rubber bands,

then I practiced songs I'd written,

cause I'd always had a plan

that someday I'd be writing hits

and I'd be a music man.

I graduated high school

and I signed up with the Corps,

I was lean and mean,

like every other Marine

being trained for the Vietnam war,

But when I returned home

there were no damn jobs

I was back to being poor,

yet I'd always stop

and window shop

at the local music store.


So I went down to the pawn shop

and I sold them my dress blues,

my white hat, white gloves, and ribbons,

they even took my spit shined shoes,

then I bought myself a cheap guitar

with a microphone as well,

I practiced till my arms were sore,

and my fingers bled like hell.....

I strummed till I was good enough,

then I went to find some gigs,

In small town bars, filling up tip jars,

hoping some day I'd be big,

soon I had a local following,

they were awful proud of me,

but the record execs

weren't cutting no checks

and my dream was not to be....

Now I'm back down in the projects

near the place where I grew up,

still writing songs,

trying to fix what's wrong

and figure out where I screwed up,

so I bought me a used computer,

and I'm putting songs online,

now the whole world is my audience,

and soon I'll be doing fine.


So if you're listening to my song,

leave a comment...drop a line,

to some record execs,

ask 'em, "What the heck,

are you all deaf dumb and blind???"

tell 'em you've been

looking high and low

for copies of my melodies,

Help me find that fame,

where'll they put my name

on their very next C.D.

send copies of that letter

to the E-mail printed below

And I'll pay you a dime

for every C.D. sold..

we'll all be rich within a year,

yeah we'll all be sitting free and clear.

"A man can dream....can't he?"

© 2022 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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