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When Flowers Are Wasted: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

The flower was beautiful for a moment

Beautifully useful

Hope! Hopefully it will smell good.

But unfortunately the flowers are sometimes picked and thrown away.

Every now and then the flower was seized by the coming bees.

What a shame, what a shame.

Flowers that bloom immediately disappeared

Because trust is a trade material

By the pests that came.

If you want to repeat

Flowers that bloom are called flowers

Life is like an old thing

When all the stories are behind the bra

Also sparred and auctioned off.


Comrade head roasted

With the proposition of goodness in the future.

Hey, you!

Don't be a traitor too early

when you are just a uniform and scattered flower.


Every flower that has turned into a star.

Will be a warning like a loud message sound.

Realize from now on.

It is enough that this is the last flower that is made into a flower.

Don't play around like a clown who can't smile and has to fight again.

Time Will Pass.

It's time for new buds to grow into brighter flowers.

Because past flowers don't want to bloom anymore after meeting a loser.

What a reed

This story will soon become obsolete and nothing to remember.

All will be calm again.

It is enough that the story of this flower is just like a flower.

I Say Congratulations.

Without the need to meet eyes

Good luck being a winner.

© 2021 Halley Kawistoro

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