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Wretched November

Stephanie Reign is a creative writer that is in the process of publishing her own novel. A Fairy Tail is a work of fiction.


Wretched November

Wretched November is something that I have written out of the blue when I laid my eyes on my calendar. Truth be told, it could be interpreted in any way. It could be a response to someone or maybe it is a spit to someone else.

It was a spit in a sense that I was addressing most of these lines to that person who promised me the world, but in reality, he delivered nothing but chaos and confusion. He said, too many times, that he loved me. If love was defined by the idea of how much you kiss and give materialistic gifts, then surely he does. But then again... Is that really what love was?

It was a response to someone... because-- just because. I saw a post roaming around my Instagram feed and realized that I might as well just respond in a way that I showcase that he's my saving grace. We've never met each other, but I might as well just respond to his poetry, right? I doubt you'd even see this but hey, this one's for you!

I hope to make friends with you and to get to know you better. I actually do admire you quite a bit.

Nevertheless, here's to you, you idiotic man. Thank you for the trauma and heartaches that you marked my November with.

And cheers to you, mon amour, for actually being my November's saving grace.

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