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How To Create A Superhero & Villain Name


How do you create a superhero/villain name for yourself?

Ever thought about a name for yourself as a member of the superhero or villain community?.....Surely they must all be taken by now....maybe not. Try this to find your true alter-ego.

Well its pretty much impossible to overdo the grandeur of a superhero name as they need to be larger than life to reflect the nature of the comics.

So as an aid you can either choose a name using the pointers below as a guideline or with the help of the given list above. After all 'Red Fist the Mercenary' sounds pretty epic to the way that's mine using the letter & dates list above, anyway Up, Up & Away and good luck.

Choosing a Superhero name...

  • It needs to be a catchy name that just rolls off the tongue, so nothing too long.
  • The name could reflect the hero/villains powers, such as Captain Cold, although this wouldn't be any use for someone with the ability to heat up objects.
  • A subtitle to go along with the name describing what the hero/villain is all about. Batman-The Dark Knight or Superman- Man of Steel.
  • Think about the costume...are you going to have a logo on it such as an image of your trademark like Spiderman or Batman

Create Your Own Superhero Online...

Once you have decided upon a Superhero or Villain name for yourself then you will probably have some mental picture of what this new hero looks like.

The next step is to create an image of this new hero, so using Marvels free create a hero site you can select various attributes for your new character to include head, upper & lower body, accessories, costume colours and designs etc. So to create your own Superhero online then just check out the instruction video below and then select this highlighted link to go directly to the Marvel site ..... Create Your Own Superhero

Actual Superhero or Villain names from Marvel & DC

Don't worry if your chosen name from the list doesn't sound quite like the all action, indestructible crime fighting character names that you are used to hearing. After all the superhero comics have been around for over 75 years so most of the good ones will have been taken.

Even Marvel & DC came up with some dodgy sounding character names with dubious powers. Check out the examples below.

Paste-Pot Pete

Paste-Pot Pete

Paste-Pot Pete...

First appeared in Strange Tales #104 (1951). Real name was Peter Petruski born in Gary, Indiana. He was a former research scientist that invented a super polymer, he turned villain and was caught trying to sell a missile to the Soviets. He would go up against the Human Torch using his ability to project lubricant. It was in the comic Fantastic Four #38 (1961) that Paste-Pot Pete had a name change to The Trapster.

Brother Power the Geek

Brother Power the Geek

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny...

Hoppy first appeared in Fawcetts Funny Animals #1 (1942) but later became the property of DC.

He is also known as The Worlds Mightiest Bunny and as a fan of Captain Marvel he one day uttered the word 'Shazam' and was surprisingly transformed into a version of his hero, and Hoppy now goes by the name of Captain Marvel Bunny (When in Shazam mode)

He is in a romantic relationship with a female bunny named Millie who is unaware of Hoppy's alter-ego character.

Hoppys main foe was a villain named Captain Black Bunny.

Brother Power the Geek...

This DC comic character first appeared in Brother Power the Geek #1 (1968) with the concept of Brother Power being derived from Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'.

He appeared during the Hippie culture of the 1960s and was a store front mannequin stored in an empty tailors shop which was taken over by a couple of hippies, Nick Cranston & Paul Cymbalist.

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The mannequin became animated as a result of being dressed in Pauls blood stained "Hip threads" so that they could dry out, which was then struck by a bolt of lightening.

The Geek was originally going to be called the Freak, however was changed by DC Comics due to the possible connection to the drug reference "freak" which was implied at the time.

Although you may not think of it to look at this character but Brother Power was in fact a Superhero and endowed with power & speed and often affiliated with Batman.

Matter Eater Lad

Matter Eater Lad

Fruit Boy

Fruit Boy

Matter Eater Lad...

He first appeared in Adventure Comics #303 (1962). Real name Tenzil kem and his home planet is Bismoll.

He is the fifteenth member inducted into the Legion of Super-Heroes. His super power is his ability to eat any form of matter, which was brought on by the infestation of microbes to the natural food on his home planet resulting in the inhabitants evolving the ability to eat all matter as a survival mechanism.

Fruit Boy...

First appeared in Legion of Superheroes Vol 5 #38.

He possesses the ability to make unripe fruit, ripened. He was one of several recruits from the United Planets that were considered as a potential member of the Legion of Super-Heroes but he was rejected due to his limited powers............mmmmm, to quote a phrase used by Stan Lee "nuff said".

The Jack of Hearts

The Jack of Hearts

The Jack of Hearts...

This Marvel character first appeared in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #23 (1976)

Real name is Jack Hart and he was born in New Haven, Connecticut as the son of an alien mother and a scientist father. He is a trained agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his powers are that he can generate burst of heat and concussive force that can enable him to fly.

The Gay Ghost

The Gay Ghost

The Gay Ghost...

This DC comic character first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (1942) and later renamed the Grim Ghost.

Real name is Keith Everett, the Earl of Strethmere in Ireland during the 1700's. He is killed on his way to meet his beloved Deborah Wallace. His spirit haunts his castle until he meets a descendant of his beloved in 1941 and returns with her back to America in the body of her former would-be fiancé who was killed by a Nazi saboteur back in Ireland.

The term 'Gay' had a different meaning back in the 1940s and Marvels first actual openly gay supehero was Northstar who came out in the 1990's




Well what can you say about this disturbed DC character other than that he is a crimefighter that welds dead canines onto the faces of criminals.

He was a member of Section 8 a wannabe superhero team led by a delusional six-pack from the comic book series of Hitman.

Dogwelder never speaks and you never see his face as its always hidden behind a welding mask. He lives in an alley and sets traps for stray animals.

The Ten-Eyed Man

The Ten-Eyed Man

The Ten-Eyed Man...

real name Philip Reardon, he was ex-military and now working as a security guard in a warehouse when, during a bungled robbery, there was an explosion and his retinas were burned.

A surgeon managed to reconnect his optic nerves but to his finger tips, enabling him to see through his fingers.

Kid Miracleman

Kid Miracleman

Kid Miracleman...

This Marvel character aka Kid Marvelman real name Johnny Bates was a test subject in an experiment that went wrong. It was decided to end the experiment and destroy the subjects.

Apparently destroyed in the explosion he had in fact survived and Miracleman was now in the body of Johnny Bates, he slowly became insane and became one of Londons notorious criminals.

Lady Fairplay

Lady Fairplay

Lady Fairplay...

She was one of the earliest female superheroes created and her first appearance was in Bang Up #1 (1941). Lady Fairplay's real name was Mary Lee aka the Goddess of Chastisement.

She was a school teacher by day and fought criminals by night.

She gained energetic powers after being experimented on by Professor Amazo. The powers and abilities that she gained were superhuman strength, hearing & healing.

She was a member of the Century Club and an ally of Femforce, an organisation that was originally formed during WWII to protect the world.

Super Moby Dick of Space

Super Moby Dick of Space

The Super Moby Dick of Space...

Appeared in Adventure Comics #332 (1965) and was in effect a green whale like creature that travelled through space, attacking spacecraft and eating them as a direct result of an experiment by Dr Lanphier.

The Doctor called upon the Legion of Superheroes to stop this villainous creature from its devouring destruction.

During the attack Lightning Lad, one of the Legionnaires lost his right arm as a result of his lightning bolt bouncing back at him from the creatures poisonous scales. He required his arm to be amputated and a robotic one was surgically attached by Dr Lanphier.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl...

First appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes Vol2, #8 (1992), which was also known as the Marvel Super-Heroes winter special.

Her real name is Doreen Green and she is a human mutant with the ability to talk to squirrels. She has worked in partnership with Tippy-Toe & Monkey Joe and was affiliated with the Great Lakes Avengers.

Her other power & abilities are that she is a superb hand to hand combatant, with superhuman strength and agility, enhanced smell, reflexes and vision.

Squirrel Girl also has a tail and razor sharp claws, also retractable knuckle spikes and an ability to communicate with squirrels.

Bouncing Boy

Bouncing Boy

Bouncing Boy...

This DC superhero first appeared in Action Comics #276, real name is Charles "Chuck" Foster Taine.

He accidentally gained his super powers when he drank an experimental super-plastic fluid which gave him the ability to inflate into a spongy round shape that could ricochet and bounce without harm.

He tried out for the Legion of Superheroes three times before he became successful.

The Red Bee

The Red Bee

The Red Bee...

First appeared in Hit Comics #1 (1940) the character was later obtained by DC in 1956.

Red Bees real name is Rick Raleigh and he is an assistant district attorney from Superior City, Oregon. In the guise of the red Bee he dons his Yellow & Red costume and with the use of his "Stinger gun" and trained bees, he fights Nazis and gangsters.

His favourite bee is named Michael and lives in his belt buckle for use in special circumstances.

Arm Fall Off Boy

Arm Fall Off Boy

Arm Fall Off Boy...

First appeared in Secret Origins Vol 2, #46 (1989) This DC Comics character is named Floyd Belkin and is from the planet Lallor in the 30th century.

His abilities are that he can detach his own limbs, which he can then use as blunt weapons.

This ability didn't help when he literally fell apart during his final test on application to join the Legion of Superheroes.

The Whizzer

The Whizzer

The Whizzer...

First appeared in USA Comics #1 (1941) published by Timely Comics.

Real name was Robert L. Frank and he was Marvels answer to the DC Comic character known as The Flash.

Whizzers abilities were that he had excellent combat skills and reflexes and was able to travel at superhuman speed. He was affiliated with the Liberty Legion, Invaders, All-Winners Squad and the Avengers.

It is just unfortunate that he was given the name Whizzer and then dressed in a Yellow costume.

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck...

This Marvel character first appeared in Adventure into Fear #19 (1973) Real name is.....Howard and was abducted from his own planet by Thog the Overmaster and dropped in the Florida Everglades.

He is a master of Quack-Fu and has been known by several aliases such as Son of Satan, Leonard the Duck, Howard the Human and Agent Duck. He has had affiliations with teams such as A.R.M.O.R, Fearsome Four and the Defenders.

He did appear in his own stand alone move in 1986 entitled Howard the Duck and also had a background appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie 2014, as an exhibit in a glass case.

Infectious Lass

Infectious Lass

Infectious Lass...

This DC Comics character first appeared in Superboy #201 (The Betrayer from Beyond)

Her real name is Drura Sehpt from the planet Somahtur. She has the ability to carry micro-organisms which do not affect her own body but which can however affect the people that she has contact with. This does have a tendency to denote her superpower as that of being poisonous.

She joined the Legion of Substitute Superheroes but accidentally infected Color Kid with a germ that changed his gender.




This Marvel Comics character first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #130 (1980) She is known as the Disco Dazzler and is a human mutant with the real name Alison "Ali" Blaire.

She has team affiliations with Gladiators, New Excalibur, S.H.I.E.L.D., The 198, A-Force and X-Men.

Her main power and ability is that she is able to convert sound vibrations into light & energy beams (an excellent power for a Disco Diva) she is also a highly skilled athlete, singer, dancer and roller-skater.

Just a thought....

Ever noticed how a lot of characters in the DC & Marvel Superhero comics have the same initial for both of their first & last names, such as Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Peter Parker, Matt Murdoch, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Otto Octavius, Green Goblin, Wade Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Scott Summer, Bruce Banner, and Fin Fang Foom to name a few......just a thought!

Share Your Superhero Name....

Please feel welcome to share your new Superhero or Villain name in the comments section below..

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