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What's More Heart-Breaking Than a Used Styrofoam Cup or Tray

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.


Look at This Woman Above

and see how she is clutching her ceramic coffee cup? She used to be a follower of Styrofoam cups for her office because they were so inexpensive, but the fateful day came when she just happened to look into her trash can only to see the coffee stains all inside her Styrofoam cup. This was her life-changing moment to start using her old reliable ceramic cup.

Life, My Friends, Can Be

a set of very hilarious acts of humor and then comes the acts of humor and well-being. A well-known Middle Eastern spiritual discipline is so deep in intelligence and meaning, that I barely caught this one: even a beautiful butterfly flapping its wings in Abilene, Texas can be helped to create a hurricane in the Mekong Delta. Don't try to figure this this one out. It's like what is the sound of one hand clapping?

I was far off track just then, but I thought that it was relevant to the subject. Actually my lecture does have a lot to do with a certain type of matter in life. Even the late Stephen Hawking would understand this simple item: as my head implies, What's More Heart-Breaking Than a Used Styrofoam Anything?

My text might imply that I am bashing Styrofoam plates and cups. I am. Some brands that break in two when I have two spoons of peas on it. This is the truth. I have loved food for years and you might as well know that I have used more than my share of Styrofoam cups and plates. Plus those handy carry-out plates that I like. but "that" brad of Styrofoam plates are merely friends.

Yes, here is the lovable Styrofoam cups and see how deceptive they are?

Yes, here is the lovable Styrofoam cups and see how deceptive they are?

In The Time Before

2020, housewives and now, house husbands had it rough. There was nothing like Styrofoam plates or cups to be found. You could drive over seven states and get a different look on the faces you ask about the styrofoam things. Plus a good deal of rib-gouging by the same people who couldn't stop laughing at you when you stopped over in Georgia on that wild Saturday night.

But as time slowly crawled by, the Styrofoam. plate still had to face adversity on a daily basis and that was about what life was for the Styrofoam. plate. Sure the poor Styrofoam. plate did have perks. In the south when families and neighbors have reunions, these folks love to bring food and eat it. I can only assume that this has something to do with tradition. I saw it that way. But as soon as the reunion shoved off, there was plenty of good talk, fellowship, laughter and soon, the styrofoam plate's time in the spotlight was moments away when lunch was served.
Just like hungry people, the reunion attendants ate with the veracity of hogs. No. I am sorry. I meant to say wolverines. To put the following reunion moments, I can tell you that it went squish, squish, the sounds of serving spoons diving into about 55 casseroles. Thunk, thunk, grilled hamburger patties hitting those flimsy styrofoam plates and I mean these were flimsy. There was more food dropped on the ground than went into those hungry stomachs.

Sad to say, but the poor Styrofoam. plate and its counterpart, those thin paper plates that people love to buy because they are not expensive. But even when things went south and the reunion was fading fast, the Styrofoam. plates and paper plates, the Styrofoam. plate wannabe's, did not take away any prize for first place in service. What a shame for Styrofoam.

A Styrofoam long plate trying to fool us into being a regular plate.

A Styrofoam long plate trying to fool us into being a regular plate.

A Bit of Styrofoam History

here that I think will go far in you really hanging a hold on how to understand Styrofoam plates, cups, and paper plates.
STYROFOAM™ was designed in 1941, and used next year 1942, in a Coast Guard life raff. Today, it''s solely used in building insulation, to allow docks and in some patterns for floral arrangements. Styrofoam is distributed and sold in 50 countries, and in America, Dow also holds the trademark in 95 countries.

Styrofoam is not that wordy. It cannot afford to be. This substance and all that it makes was created for one thing and one thing only: serving people. That's it.

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No Styrofoam was used to make lighter-than-air toy airplanes. Or to give a hungry person some hot food and take it via bicycle to get the food there fast. I would be safe in saying that there is only one purpose for Styrofoam plates and cups. Yes. Service. What a drag, right? It is if you are a Styrofoam plate or cup wanting hard to break-into the social eateries in famous locales such as Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. They are still plain white Styrofoam plates and cups and will probably be that way until someone retools the product, which I say will never happen becuse of the billions that the Styrofoam industry make each day.

I do admit that Styrofoam is the most-enduring of all paper items.

I do admit that Styrofoam is the most-enduring of all paper items.

Closing Remarks About Styrofoam

that are not here to offend or judge the millions who use them. Personally, I use them probably every night when I throw a handful of cheese snacks and crackers on the plate because I know that I can walk a mere four feet from our cabinets to my recliner, sit and munch with my buddy, Styrofoam.

⦁ Would you, even on a dare, pile as much food on a styrofoam plate as humanly possible. Then try to balance the burden as you beg for the concert goers to get away before you spill the twelve pounds of food.
⦁ Do you think that giving a styrofoam plate to a pretty girl who is going out with you the first time? Or you can use a jumbo size Styrofoam cup filled with beef stew. You never know when the Zombie Apocalypse will hit.
⦁ Have you ever wondered why those late-night TV talk shows never have one of the engineers who helped to make plates and cups out of Syrofoam?
⦁ Has Styrofoam ever won a Novel Peace Prize?
⦁ Has a Styrofoam plate or cup ever been used as a cute mascot for any of the NFL teams.

Okay. I confess. I saved this part because I am so sad. And it is a sensitive question to you: do you know how valuable a used Styrofoam plate or cup can be? I mean, the plates have spaghetti sauce stain filled in the pores and the same with the Styrofoam cup which has sugars from the soda embedded in the walls of the cup.

When the Styrofoam was young, it shined in the light like a star in the sky on a June night in summer, but once they hit the "Working Side of Life," where people actually spend money of the Styrofoam items and demand that they will last for years, only to see a 55-gallon barrel that is full to the brim of used Styrofoam. This, friends, is my example of sad.

Have a great night, my buddy, Styrofoam and its users world-wide

November 9, 2020___________________________________________

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