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Happy Birthday my son. To day I sat here mourning my son after years. My son was killed years go and I am feeling it as it happen Yesterday


Missing you

My heart and soul is so heavy I can barely breathe. For years I have cried over losing you, some says it get easier each years but deep down it doesn't. Each year I try not to remember your birth until days after but it doesn't work for me. Today is my son John birthday. There isn't a day that I hasn't thought about you after all these years. The one thing that keep me going is all the memories I have stored in the back of my mind of you. The crazy little things you did that made me angry is so important to me now.

I find myself laughing, watching those big brown of your, as you lie to me. Today those memories means more to me than A bar of gold. I sat here wondering what John might have the doctor, lawyer, cop or something else. My son never

got the opportunity to explore his dreams, because of a person holding a gun. I will mourn my son like so many other families across America, who don't understand why. I understand it was his time to go but that doesn't hurt any less. I do thank God for giving me the opportunity to share 16 years of his life, to love and cherish this pervious life you trusted me with. Happy Birthday my son


Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on November 13, 2020:

Every mother who have lost a child my heart aches for you, because the emptiness in your heart never loves you.. God bless all. JMD

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on September 28, 2020:

Happy Birthday to My Son who was killed at the age of 16. Love always Mom.JMD

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