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What to Write About When You Really Don’t Know What to Write About

I'm majoring in Graphic Design, and, because of this, currently interested in the ways and formulas of creativity.

Luckily, I'm here to give you a hand. Being a constant reader of articles myself, I've gathered some titles and ideas that will absolutely catch many eyes.


‘My affair with...’

Now I know this isn't the most likely subject to share online, but many bloggers are used to giving this kind of content. And you would be lying if you say it didn’t interest you. Gossip is a big resource in many fields because of its effectiveness in drawing curiosity and attention. So, don't be afraid to use it too! There are many ways of exploding this resource, such as dirty confessions, tabu subjects, and of course sharing bits of your personal life too. But always remember to be careful with your privacy, messing around with other people identities and privacy without their consent is against the law.

‘Top 10 Favorites songs on Spotify’

A big part of writing online is speaking from experience. You'd be surprised to know how many readers take interest in knowing simple things like these. Specially if you have a big audience, your opinion on certain songs, movies, books, etcetera; can be even trendsetting. If a known DJ choses their top ten songs, that opinion is going to be appreciated because who wouldn’t trust their judgment.



It's no secret that most people, and I mean globally, go their 9 to 5 completely stressed out. Self-Care may be an overly used topic, but there are just too many people out there looking for new tips. Just sharing your pampering routine or a lazy day, help them to feel motivated to do the same. I personally also enjoy just watching people relax on some vacations, it has a satisfying effect in the mind.

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‘What I learned on the internet’

Surprise, surprise! That’s exactly what I'm doing here. Who hasn’t heard that meme that says ‘I learn more in Twitter daily than I did in school’. Because of the constant sharing information and interacting with new people, the things you can learn from different platforms are amazing. I'm talking about making a list to summarize common knowledge that you consider everyone should know; but don’t stop there! This topic can give you a lot of content, such as tutorials, advice giving, or just showing that one twitter thread that changed your view of life.

Highschool tips I wish I knew back then’

Of course the bigger target here are teens. And being a gen-z kid, I lost count of how many times I searched this same title on google. Hearing other people stories about something that you are so terrified about always helps.

These are a few ideas you could apply to your work, but don’t focus too much on these exact titles. Try to give your own perspective to every article, and always be sincere. And remember, creativity is something you practice and train. Never stop creating.

© 2021 Sabrina Ventuniuk

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