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What Kind of Education

Manisha has authored quite a few books. Though her expertise is in Children genre, she writes passionately on social issues.

"Kure re laksha, where are you?" The murmur is going to the throat. Do you hear me screaming? I am working alone in the morning, are you crying? "

Yoginder Majhi is blabbering on alone. Here and there the boat was gurgling in its mind alone as it worked to repair a couple of cracks. Who knows where the boy will come and extend a helping hand.

Her mother has more Oscars. They have a family with a son. Whether there is more space for financial supply or not, there is more ebb and flow. That is why Yogindra's son is not very interested in education, but he wants his ancestral business to be a middleman. But his wife is more interested, son should learn more.

Let's go to school like Babu's sons. Be human. That was his wish.

That's why she used to try to make up for her son's lack of work on her own. Will not Instead, let him do what he is doing. Although Yoginder would not keep quiet about it. When he found the boy in front of him, he would scold him saying that he was not there. The son was angry and wanted to show his father's reluctance. But Mar would listen quietly without answering for Ishara.

Thus the days were gradually passing. The boy will take the class ten exam. The school teacher Mahasaya Rao Laxmindar loved him for his talent and concentration. During the final exams, the headmaster of the school asked Ms. Chase (nickname) to change her name because there was no high school in her village and she had to go to high school every day after breaking three miles of road. There, the shadows of the city would not want to accept him.

His mother wanted the boy to be human. The vote was read more towards the boy and his mother. However, the headmaster thinks according to the wishes of the students and the future

Lalit gave him the correct name and became enthusiastic himself, explaining a lot to Lakshindar's father and asking him to change the title as well.

But why would Yogendra agree easily? He insisted, but on the other side of the door his wife heard everything. The teacher understood this and tried to explain it to her husband. As a result of long persuasion, he was forced to accept.

Lakha's father agreed and after hearing the news from the student, Laxminder made Lalit Mandal obey the rules and regulations. Gradually, Lalit got good results in the exams. The teachers of the school who had helped her with money, books and so on, pushed her back into the confines of the college with money. Their only interest is that if their students go to the city and get education in college, then the name of the school will spread around.

Gradually the student passed well and finally took up teaching job in the college. The purpose at first, no matter how good it was, was to gradually change the old way of thinking, such as taking off one's old clothes. Sometimes he would go home but he could not stay there for long, it was not good.

Get that environment of choice only in the house of the headmaster. Of course there was a reason for that. There was a sweet butterfly, the song he had been singing since childhood, which he still loved. The girl was quite beautifulThe reason is that the only daughter of the parents and their three brothers would have liked their family better. Lalit is the friend of those brothers.

For the sake of friendship and as a dear student, he had a free movement in this house.

Maybe the student liked Master Moshay's wife too. Malini Devi, the wife of the teacher, thought it was a wish to marry her daughter as the best boy in the village, so she also liked it in her mind. Yet who knows what will happen in the end? The boy went to work in the city. He kept his mouth shut for fear of agreeing to marry the village girl. She never said anything to her husband. One day, after watching everything, she realized that even after becoming a professor, Lalit was coming and going in her house as before and she was in touch with the girl. She liked her daughter very much so she told her husband all her thoughts. Shivnath Babu listened to everything, but said nothing. He just said that he would inform his wife after discussing with one of the two. After discussing with some teachers, he finally said to his wife, not bad, but what is the girl's opinion?

Malini Devi said with a jingle and what will she say again, we will marry the girl where we understand better. Shivnath Babu said of course. You like it. I like it too. But you have to take it like a daughter because you may not like her genealogy. If you don't like it, I would rather tell you that I like it more. If she marries another boy, she may object.

Shivnath Babur and Chhaye are not disliked. However, he seems to have a little obstacle somewhere. However, he agreed that he should not object to giving his daughter in the present respect, and so he agreed.

On the other hand, Lalit's parents are as happy with their new relationship as they are worried because the daughter-in-law is the daughter of the headmaster herself.

Those with whom the water is not supposed to flow. Lots of differences. There were so many financial and social inconsistencies that this marriage made them happy. The day Shivnath Babu himself came and told me that I am your only son

I want to see him as a son-in-law. Tell me what you think of my wife and the same wish now. If you have any objections now, feel free to let me know.

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You have a lot of differences with us, but it is also a matter of joy for us to have a suitable son-in-law just like your son and you have seen my daughter since childhood. As a daughter-in-law, you will not be disliked. There is no need to give an answer right now. Give it to her thoughtfully. I have come only to express our wishes. You can also ask the boy.

After Shivnath Babu left, Yoginandar and his wife looked at each other in such a way

As if their power of speech has become Rohit. All the language of the mouth seems to have been taken away by the Master. They could never have imagined that he would carry such an unimaginable burden. On the contrary, their generous giving and help is very easy and normal for them. The way they helped their son Lakha to become a human being day after day is much easier and more understandable. Because they were poor, the boy's support and help to become a real person seemed like a blessing to their family. Although they did not have the mentality to understand so much, so the two of them were sitting in silence like Sahbir.

Calling the mother, their son entered the house and was surprised to see the two in that condition.

When Sambit got back, his mother replied that Shivnath Babu had come to talk about your marriage. What should I do if my head is not working after hearing what he said? As a child, Lakha used to call her mother Tui. Later you started saying it. So he said you will do what you understand well. What is the need of my opinion. In fact, he turned around and said yes. Father Mao realized he was like a son.

One day Yoginder went to Shivnath Babu's house. Shivnath Babu asked him to sit in a chair but he did not want to sit. Then he said, "Yoginder, don't underestimate your profession. The boy will be disrespected so from now on life will have to be accepted in this way. Lakhinder sat in the chair to talk about Shivnath Babu and change a lot in his life.

Now though he doesn’t sail. He rented the boat. Yoginder said to Shivnath Babu, "Masterbabu Malati's mother will be the target of my house. What else is there to be happy about? We are very happy.

He can't think how it is possible for the boy to return to our day today, but he had no idea who we would get Malati Ma. He told Masterbabu that the boy is like that too.

A canopy of prosperity spreads the night's bliss as if the boy had turned her into a shop in their house. It is undeniable that the changes that have taken place in their lifestyles as a result of being human beings.

Neighbors are jealous of her but the Mandal family is not worried about her. In reply, Lakhur's father said, "Daughter, you will get married, so these thoughts are not mine." Do what you understand best.

Going to bless the son's wife on the wedding day, the girl's father gave everything to the daughter and did not leave anything out. As per the rules, after the marriage was over and a lot of food was eaten, one or two of the bridegrooms, who were friends of the boy, returned home with the rest and gave the details of all the incidents to the wife. Then Bauvat solved the problem by inviting everyone.

For a while, the mother-in-law went around her father-in-law's house and her father's house and went to her husband's workplace. Going there, gradually settling in the new world

One by one, two people began to get acquainted. The two began to spend a lot of time together. Husband and co-workers started coming to their house and they used to go to their house together. As a result, Malati saw the wives of others, many educated, many employed. Those women also started encouraging Malati to study. Inside, Bipin Babu's wife Anuradha gave encouragement

She was more inspired because she was the headmistress of a school.

He said, "Malati, you are wasting your time sitting at home all day. Don't take this study from her. If you are a boy, you can't do it anymore."

I don't like to stay at home like this for a long time. I also spent the day lying like you for the first time and saw that time was being wasted so I started studying and getting a job. The word inspired Malati.

One day, realizing the opportunity, she told her husband that she wanted to study. At first Lalit thought he didn't answer. He silenced her saying that he would be able to find time. With all the news, one day he took Malti to college and admitted her. Malti continued her family and studies with devotion. Atti used to take care of her husband. Lalit used to spend many nights when she returned home after studying in college. Malati used to complain about this but now she does not do it.

In this way, after spending days, months and years, Malati passed her MA in history one day. She used to visit her father-in-law's house, but she could not stay for a long time. Malati's father Shivnath Babu was the only one happy.

So much for his arrogance. The girl is highly educated today, she used to convey her arrogance to her wife in the first place, but they did not dare to eat it on the second day and would share the joy with the boys and friends when the girl came. Sitting all day again after the lesson is over and waiting for Lalit. He talked a lot with Anuradha about not wanting to waste any more time.

After discussing this, Anuradha asked him what he should do this time. He said that there is no vacancy in my school but another school I know needs history and Bangla teacher. If you say so, I can try. However, I think if the doctorate could have been completed in this gap, one aspect would have been completed. I liked the word so he said I can do it while teaching. If it is done, I will also get a chance in college. Anuradha saw the essence of Malati's argument and then one day talked to Maiti, the headmaster of the school, about Malati and said that everything would be according to the rules but it is hoped that this will happen.

They left and all the forms for admission to the doctorate were completed by the two of them together. He had already decided not to say anything to Lalit at first, then he would also tell you. After waiting for a while, his job was done and the day to start research came.

Ichche said two things. Without saying anything, Lalit agreed, realizing that Malti didn't have time to look back. It is no longer possible to sit at the pace that life has gained. Lalit agreed. The school on one side of Malti and the other side are busy with research.

Lalit is busy with her busy life and on the one hand she is a college student and on the other hand she writes her notes in the middle of the night. She did not try to understand that it was her time to write this note. Malati forbade a lot of writing notes or teaching students if necessary? We're pretty much gone ঐ stay busy all day and I don't like being alone all day. But he did not listen to all these words

He was doing these things like an addict. He was not in a position to listen or understand his wife. The warm proximity of the students, one or two, especially to him.

I got a place so I couldn't close the coaching class at all. Sometimes he didn't think of his wife's wishes, but those wishes flew to his mind because they were like straw.

The day he first wanted to read Malati, he expressed his desire to read, but he did not object, thinking of his own convenience. If you study, you will be busy with yourself and you will not be able to show any excuse to spend time. But it is not that he loves his wife less. I have seen her since I was little, so I can say that the marriage has taken place out of a kind of love. Because when the mother asked what was her opinion on this marriage? He said they would do whatever they wanted, meaning they had to turn around and say yes, and that's what their parents understood. But the wife is a village girl, so where is the charm inside her that dazzles the eyes? She knows her husband caresBut cannot feed the mind of the husband. Ideal for being a housewife but not fit to be a life partner. And leaving this life is absolutely impossible.

As a result of studying Malati, Lalit started spending her days happily with her life to keep herself busy. She started talking to new girls and the intimacy grew.

His sense of duty began to wane.

Malati didn't mind. She has also created her own world. Although no other man has ever dominated her, her husband's negligence would have pierced her but she would not have expressed it. She will bring the child to the world in a tidy manner.

Lalit spread herself in her own world. The intimacy was growing so much that he had to hide it from his wife in the end if he ever got a chance to get caught. Malti would have been too small for herself for her own busyness. In a word, a simple-minded girl.

Lalit used this opportunity of simplicity in Malti. He used to enjoy the company of many women in the name of college work. His days were spent in this way, but when Malati took a job, Lalit's sleep seemed to wake up little by little. He realized that his wife had gone too far from him and was out of reach. . No. He does not get his wife to provide for him. Before returning home, he used to wait for the smiling or late return, or he could not get the little feeling of the world of that time to complain. Malati and the working girl will not return home at night wherever they go. It started to feel bad that he wouldn't want to go anywhere without her today

Don't have time or don't feel the need to speak or don't get a chance to speak.

Malati had already chosen another house for her study facilities. One night it was getting late to return from college and then it was too late to return home to take notes. Malati has no idea when she fell asleep while studying for the competition

He entered the house late at night and could not see his wife. He entered the next room and saw that Malati was asleep. He felt pain but did not try to wake her up. Thus they began to live in different rooms. Fatigue of the whole day then returning home late for neglecting her husband's family, writing notes in the middle of the night. Then the intimacy with the students or with the colleagues was gradually increasing. If I asked him the reason, he would answer, "Don't make up your mind. I will have contact with women in all my work. Why do you look at it with a bad eye?" My other colleagues are also working like this. There is no problem in their house but you are just bothering. You pay less attention to me and focus on your studies.

But Malati will explain how the man she used to know before marriage has changed a lot and can't recognize her nowadays. It was as if he had gone so far. The distance between the two had increased. Malati would have been alert when all the relatives of mother, father, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law came home. But they could not fool the mother or mother-in-law's eyes to express them in gesturesHe wanted only two small hands and feet to be able to pull Lalit towards the house.

It's not that I didn't want to. The neglect of the husband's family which has resulted in her determination to stand on her own two feet has delayed her desire for children a little. However, it cannot be delayed any longer, so one day Lalit felt ashamed and said that she wanted a child. Lalit understood the need for a child. But in addition to job research, the two were wondering if it would be possible to handle the arrival of a child. Mother, father, father-in-law, mother-in-law and brothers-in-law used to come in shifts.

Lalit is very happy with the arrival of new people. Little by little his mind began to settle towards the house. Before that I had to return home under the rule of small hands. If he returned too late, he would have to give an explanation to his daughter. A stable situation was prevailing. Husband and wife would stay at home sharing their time. The girl did not hesitate to admit in her own words that they had a relationship. Anagona of friends and relatives continued to go by the needle of the daughter, Anagona of relatives and going to their house from time to time was going well. When the girl was four years old, in both words, especially in the words of affection, both the husband and wife felt that the girl was alone even though they were accompanied by two and a working girl and sometimes two mothers of two families came. Still want a playmate.

Malati especially vows to Anuradha because Malati's new birth is the gift of Anuradha. Malati has been able to stand on her own two feet after listening to her words. There is no time to notice Lalit's whimsy today. In fact, she gets a higher position and more value than her husband and even more opportunities. Although he does not express it in his mouth, but Lalit or his relatives understand it and for that they put it in front of Lalit. This is where Malati gets satisfaction. Lalit's negligence is being paid by her family.

After completing her research, Malati got a job in a big firm. As a result, she got a new house from the office. The new house is also good and big. A few days later, Malati gave birth to another child. Lalit had fixed the name of the second child but had not told anyone before. Having a son, Lalit named the boy after the name of Champak Meyer. The girl was admitted to the nursery school one by one from class to class. Son Champak was also admitted to the school. Malati also started to improve in the office. Lalit and her old coaching class left and started writing note books.

The days were going well. This is exactly what is meant by happy family. The girl will take the 12th class exam. The boy is in the eighth grade. The Mandal family did not even know that a little black cloud had accumulated in the sky. A new professor came to Lalit's college. He rented a house near Lalit's house. Lalit must have rented a house at a low rent. When the house was ready, the professor went up to the house with his wife and son. Prabhasbabu and his wife and son got close to Mandal. .

You can go here and there by bicycle. And Champa came running to Sarala Kakima. His mother could not be found near him so he became very friendly with Kakima. One day Sarala told Champa that she had not studied far and had passed the secondary examination. Can she be given higher secondary now? Will it be possible then? Champa said why not? His mother also studied after marriage and has been working in a high position. Then why can't you aunt? Try it and if you read it to the teacher, you will surely be able to. Champa said his father, mother showed him the rest to another teacher. She's moreIf you suggest that you read to my father, you don't have to worry. My father reads well. I would rather tell my father and go home dancing and tell my father all the facts. ...

Asked if you can show Kakima? Although he did not agree at first, he finally agreed. Prabhas told Babu and Lalit that Sarala wants to do parashuna, I will show my subjects, if you help me a little in your subject, it will be good. Lalit said, "I will read Champa. I will take the notes of class XI from Champa and then I will show you what is needed."

Let's start studying. Bumbar chose the time of play as the time of reading. Sarlato came to read and would have read first. But in this gap, Lalit's old disease reappeared. She was happy to see Sarla on the first day. Became restless to get him. Gradually the disease was coming back in a dark way. The trick that was in my mind was not caught by anyone.

Even Sarala did not understand anything. Has met like a grandfather. Sarla herself is the mother of one child and Lalit is the father of two children. So how can all these bizarre thoughts come to mind. As the days go by, Lalit continues to try to trap him with various words while reading. Gradually, the meaning of Lalit's words became clear like the light of day by breaking through all the fog nets. . He wants to seduce Sarala with hymns.

Sarala understands that Lalit's words are kind of bizarre. No other meaning can be expressed in it, only one meaning is seen in it, but the study has progressed a lot. What started was such an obstacle that it stopped in the face of the test. And Malati Didi will be even more surprised because Sarala has long ago expressed her desire to stand on her own two feet in the same way she did. So I can't back down from these incidents.

Her husband knows everything. This is the advantage. Almost everyone in the college knows about your exams or studies. Now when it is closed, various things will come up and I have heard from others that Lalit's temperament was not good and she used to be a student. She had intimacy with four or five female professors in our college.

Now that they have been transferred elsewhere or someone has left the job, the shadows would also be careful until the exam. They would also leave after the test. Her husband told her that he did not know why she had not told him before. The wife is studying with Lalit. When she told this news to her friends in college, they warned her in the name of Lalit. Take the notes from Champa and I'll show you the rest.

Sarala gradually became absent from studies. Lalit may have understood something, so she told Champa first that your aunt is not coming to study. When Champa asked, Sarala said, "Hey, what more can I wear now?" Now I have to memorize, that's what I'm doing. I am getting ready for the test. If I need some notes, I will get them from you. Although Champa accepted this simple argument, Lalit could not accept it. He informed Malati about his absence one day and said in a hurry, "Look, Malati, the way Sarala has stopped coming to study, the result will be bad and later my teaching will become infamous." Hard work will go to waste. She understood the truth of her husband's words even though she did not know the news of inner sin in her mind. How can she know? At this age thatLalit's old disease will appear invisible to her intellect. Improving one's working life is increasing the work pressure is increasing the less time one is able to spend in the family. Doesn't get space.

However, one day at a time, he showed Sarala the calculation of his absence and loss and also said that Lalit was worried about this. But Sarala told Champa in the same way as she explained to Champa without giving any direct answer to Malti. Didi told her not only to do the class but also to face it. I will go again when needed. When Lalit was not there, Sarala might have understood to read from Champa.

With the rest of the help, Nito came from her husband to prepare for the exam. The day of the exam came and the exam went well. Now there is no question of going. And Champato used to spend most of his time at Sarla's house so there is no question of going to Lalit's house. Lalit was breathless when she didn't see Sarala for a long time so one day she went to Sarala's house with interest of her own. Talking to Prabhasbabu, Sarla looked forward to his presence. So he said that he had given a bad test that he could not come in front of me. Laughing, Prabhas Babu did not say, no, Dada, it is not that you have given a fairly good test on how bad the test will be. Lalit said but towards the end I could not go anymore. I thought that I should not give the test but it is better that he gave the test. The notes have already been taken, but they have to be memorized like chewing gum and Bumba was very fooled in his studies and his attention was reduced to reading.

When I was in college, his mother used to teach and when I left, I used to teach Bumba. After a long time, Sarala might have brought a cup of tea and left for homework after a short story.

In the absence of Prabhas Babu, Lalit came one day and arrested him. What you are trying to avoid nowadays is as important as it was necessary. There is no need to say no now. You don't even need to talk. I worked so hard behind you without pay, but you seem to be forgetting everything, you don't need me anymore. I will study even after that but I am saying that I will make up for this loss. Don't you think that Gurudakshina will not give?

I will definitely give it to you, said Sarala. You have worked so hard I will forget why. I remember, but I am busy with household chores and I do not bother you because you are busy. But I will not study anymore, it is very difficult to cope in all aspects.

Lalit said Seki? Give at least the BA exam. Otherwise you will not be able to apply anywhere for the job. And when the boy grows up, he will be annoyed to stay at home all day. I will show you that I am here. One day let's come out from where.

I see that I get up on time and go to see Maltidi holidays, otherwise I will not feel good alone. Lalit got angry at Malati's words. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sarala did not answer this question. He wanted to explain quietly that he will not go. Many times Sarala is trying to convince Lalit that you are the father of two sons and daughters, you should not say things that will hurt your respect and my self-respect.

Lalit understood that she did not want to indulge her naughty intellect. However, she could not help but say these things to satisfy her mental thirst. You will come and see me once in a while. Sarla said that seeing a goddess is not so easy, that is why the disciple has to do a lot of austerities. If there is a goddess in your house, visit her.

One day the result of the test was revealed that Sarala had passed in the second division. He went to Lalit's house and came with the news. Lalit is very happy. The only thing Lolly dislikes is staying away. In the hope of getting closer again, he said don't go to college and start studying.

Sarala said let's see how far it is, she came home and told Prabhas about Lalit's wish and with that she told her husband that I will study in another professor's cochin. Although Prabhas Babu believed in his wife, he needed to know what he thought of Lalit, but now he understood that there was no reason to worry about his wife.

So he said, if you stay here, you have to go to Lalitdar even if you don't want to, or he will come to teach you as an assistant and if you stop studying for all these reasons, then it is your loss. Which is near Boomer School and our college then travel will be an advantage.

Sarala said that it is a very good system to get cool on the shore. The snake will die and the stick will be fine. This belief of the husband on her sometimes hurts her. But this understanding mind of the husband has understood that there is no fault of Sarla in this matter. This unjust greed of Lalit is trying to put Sarala in danger.

One day Prabhas came and said, let's get you admitted to college today and get a house there. Let's see the house together. I saw that the house was quite nice, even if the rent is a little higher, but it is important to have peace in the world, so there will be no misunderstanding.

The two of them went to Lalit's house with the boy and presented him with a shawl to wear. Prabhas said, "Grandpa, take this little Gurudakshina." What you have done, of course, cannot be repaid with this little gift, but we would like to take it. Lalit was very happy, but she was happy to think that Sarla had given it to her. Yes, I have admitted him to the college. Hearing the name of the college, Lalit said that he was worried that it would be far away. Why did you get admitted so far, why didn't you give it? Prabhas Babu said that it is a women's college and there is no difficulty in studying under the coaching of professors of all subjects. I have rented a house near that college for a long time, although the rent is a little higher.

Then the three of us will benefit. He told a little more story and said that we are going to go to that house next month. And you can come to you only when you need it.

But Champa was very happy to change their house. He said I will go to your house from time to time. Laughing and giving simple answers, the door of our house was always open for you and Champak. Tell your mother what you don't say because she can't tell you when she will benefit. Anyway, let my mother know my invitation. Saying this, they said goodbye.

Lalit was not angry at the shawl that had been giving her sweet warmth for so long, although she realized that Sarala had told everything to Prabhas, but when she heard that they were going away, her shawl became like a real shawl and began to pierce all her body like a thorn.

And Sarla's last words made it clear to her that there would be no door open for Lalit in their house. It is closed forever. Goa sat down on the sofa like a spinning top and its head was not working.

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