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What Is the Meaning of Our Communication With Art and Literature?

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What is the meaning of our communication with art and literature?

First, we begin to enjoy the richness of our own personality, which is suddenly revealed to us. It is infinitely far from selfishness, from self-absorption. This is the comprehension in oneself of that new, high, which was previously "curtained".»…

But that's not all: the meaning of communication with literature and art is that we become richer for another life, for the life of the artist who created it.

I have now written "one more life." But no! Not for one, but for a million lives, because the artist expressed, expressed what worried millions of his contemporaries. In his symphony, painting, novel hope, longing, pain, joy of millions of people. Therefore, we become richer by a million lives. Our heart and mind are filled with the spiritual experience of centuries and generations…

A good reader is a co-author of the writer. His spiritual life, coming into contact with the world of Pushkin, Stendhal or Tolstoy, is inspired, and he sees what he has not seen before. And this is what the writer works for. to teach you To see.

I have now written "spiritual life." Is it available to anyone?..

The forms of spiritual life, as well as the forms of creativity, are infinitely diverse. Spiritual life is communication with people, art, the autumn forest and with yourself.

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We are spiritual when we talk about something dear to a friend, trusting his mind and heart. We are spiritual when we smile at a person, feeling that he is alone, and when we enjoy the silence of the evening fields. We are highly spiritual when we feel the pricelessness of life and want to leave a modest imprint of our own personality in the world... And we are spiritual when, rereading a favorite volume, we understand it in a new way.

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