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What is the City of Metron: An Overview of My Series

Hello Everyone, My name is Wayne, I am a Sci-Fi fantasy writer and I hope you guys love to read them as I write them. Thanks.

The City of Metron


Dear Readers,

My name is Wayne I. Whiten, I am a Sci-Fi Fantasy writer and have been writer for several years. I just have never had the time and courage to seek publication, at least until now.

The City of Metron is a Book One of Five in a series called The Glamourian Chronicles.

Like I said I have been writing this story for several years and never completed it and so now that's what I am trying to do now. I really hope you like it.

The Cast of Metron

Primary Cast:

  1. Destan: The Boy who would eventually become The Scarlet Knight.
  2. Victoria: Destan's Friend
  3. Elizabeth: Destan's Stepmother.
  4. Isaiah: Destan's Father.
  5. Marision: Destan's Eldest Sister.
  6. Junior: Destan's Older Brother.
  7. Mira: Destan's Youngest Sister.

The Glamourian Knights Cast:

  1. The Glamourian Knights: A legendary group of cosmic knights that patrol the universe searching for possible threats.
  2. Andrael: The angel that has watched over Destan since he was a kid, by the order of The Glamourian Knights.
  3. The Shadow King: Ruler of The Dark Realm
  4. The Fallen: Warriors who fallen in battle and now fights for The Shadow Kings Army.

Rogue Roland High School Cast:

  1. Dr. Lieonale: High School Principle of Rogue Roland High School
  2. Mrs. Dogen: Computing Class Teacher at Rogue Roland High
  3. Charles Walkan: Dr. Lieonale's Lawyer
  4. Susana Dupidious: Court Representative
  5. Ms. Labowski: American and Global Literature
  6. Mrs. White: Mathematics
  7. Mr. Gorgino: Film Studies and Art
  8. Mr. Williamson: The Study of History
  9. Mr. Stanefferer: Chemistry Class

The Cast of Saint Helamanama:

  1. Cynthia: Supervisor of Saint Helamanama National Park
  2. Christian: Maintenance and Husband of Cynthia
  3. Monton: Manager of Saint Helamanama National Park
  4. Sara Jay Parker: Cashier at the Sports & Outback Store inside Saint Helamanama
  5. Dirk Parker: Husband of Sara Jay Parker and Cashier at Sport's & Outback.
  6. Misty: Bartender at the Saint Helamanama Bar and Grill.
  7. Romanare: Chef at Saint Helamanama's Bar and Grill.
  8. Cyana: Cook at Saint Helamanama's Bar and Grill

Travelers From the City of Kantuma:

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  1. Rosana: Cashier at Saint Helamanama Gift Shop
  2. Sonya: traveled with Rosana to Saint Helamanama and also worked at the Gift shop as a cashier
  3. Cyana: Cook at Saint Helamanama Bar & Grill
  4. Mariana: Server at Saint Helamanama Bar & Grill

Who Is the Scarlet Knight.


The Scarlet Knight is an ancient cosmic force of light used to defend the universe of cosmic threats that are to great for the average guardians, Guardian are any species of any alien races that have evolved past their planets evolution and has taken it upon themselves to defend less evolved worlds.

Every few centuries a child is born with The Fires of The Cosmic Phoenix the later evolve the Child into The Legendary Scarlet Knight and turn that being into a powerful force of nature.

Powers/ Skill Set:

  • Pyro-Kinesis
  • The ability to fly beyond the Speed of Light
  • Invulnerable to nearly everything
  • Super Strength
  • High Endurance
  • Commands The Sword of Power at will
  • At desperate times can become The Cosmic Phoenix herself


The Scarlet Knights weakness is simply the fact that he is only human blessed with the powers of the gods. As time goes on he himself will become a god and with that transformation his weakness will become godly, so therefore in his godly state he shares the weaknesses of all weapons of divinity. The Sword of Power is an ancient weapon of divinity and so if your strong enough to wield it then it can be used against the Scarlet Knight.

The Weapons of Divinity

every weapon wielded by being of god level strength created by the gods of old for the gods of the new. To aspire to the level of the gods you must be first pure of heart and be granted the powers of Divinity.

The Scarlet Knights Purpose

The Scarlet Knight is one of many things that exist in the universe to also maintain order of the balance in the the universe. It just so happens being The Scarlet Knight that only grants a mortal being the powers of a god because, In all creation there must be destruction. As mortal beings we don't have the powers nor abilities to challenge The Great Gods of the beyond and therefore the Scarlet Knight is the Universal answer to maintain the balance between the Mortal and Immortal world.


The City of Metron is Book 1 of 5 in the Glamoura Chronicles. The Story is The origin of The new Scarlet Knight and why he means so much to this universe. I hope you like this story because, this is going to be the most personnel of the five.

In book two we are going to focus on more of what it means to be The Scarlet Knight and discover more on its ancestors of The Phoenix Force.

Book Three, Destan will steadily get more powerful as he faces off with more of the actual cosmic threats that reside throughout the universe and he will truly be tested and must learn the value of being The Scarlet Knight.

Book Four, Destan will begin to learn more about the gods and why we walk among them but never show their true nature. He will learn the most about The Phoenix during this point in the story and become more in touch with his inner self as The Phoenix Force and Destan will become one and united as The Scarlet Knight.

The Book Five of This series will be the hardest one to make as I want to make sure it ends with a perfect ending. I really have allot plans for book five and don't want to reveal much about it. I really hope you guys enjoy the conclusion of my series. I really appreciate your time reading my overview. I tried to explain the story without to many spoiler content. I just am really happy about writing this series and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I bid you all a great night and can't wait to see you next time. Goodnight.


Wayne I .Whiten

© 2022 Glamoura and the Seven Knights

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