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What Is Facebook's Extremist Content?


What is extremist content?

Anything that doesn't go along with the mainstream narrative that the government tells you is the actual problem.

When someone tells you that racism is not as prevalent in the United States as it was 70 years ago then you know you are hearing extremist ideas.

If you see someone telling people that they need to be responsible for their own lives you are reading extremist content.

When someone is saying that murderers are responsible for their crimes and not the gun that they use to pull the trigger, you are being exposed to extremist ideas.

Does someone have an American flag up in their yard? Check another one for extremist content.

Did someone suggest you should read the United States Constitution? Label that person an extremist. That person is very dangerous.

When someone uses statistics to site as the reason why they won't go along with a mainstream agenda you know that you are listening to an extremist trying to share the facts AK extremist contact with you.

Anything that you can use in anyway to twist into homophobic, sexist, transphobic, racist, or any other kind of phobia or "-ist" and you are now exposed to extremist content.

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Are freethinkers extremists?

100% absolutely! These are the most dangerous people to encounter. Not only do they think for themselves and never swallow any of the ideas that are fed to them from the very people that will benefit from this agenda but they extrapolate ideas of their own through actual studying and gathering of data.

These people are nuts! They don't trust the mysterious people of Government that have never been elected and that you have never met, heard speak or even know exist. Those are the people you should trust the most as they are the ones who makes all the rules for you.

You may be thinking --Hey! That's not fair!-- But it is. And that makes you sound like an extremist! Tread lightly.

The people that were elected by you never told you who their buddies were that needed jobs. And they also never told you how much money they get for putting those people into those positions. And because they were not honest with you you lose! But it's the system that's racist.

Freethinkers are also the hardest to change their minds on a subject. Because they have so much certainty on it it's like they can't be told something that goes against their observations! This is yet another way that they are dangerous.


Can I become an extremist without knowing it?

Yes, definitely. In fact most people who are considered extremists today have not even realize how extreme they've gone. These types were once people that were quiet along political lines until they couldn't take what they were seeing anymore. The Left have gone more left and the Right have gone more right and the Center moves toward the right.

This is because the Left are going more left than the Right is going right. but that makes the Center more and more extremist every time you look at them. Because the Left is the only way to go. Because it's the right way to go. No need to explain other than if you don't then you are a racist and an extremist.

So stop asking questions and just listen to whoever Facebook tells you to listen to. Or you could be the next deadly extremist.

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