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What Is Your?

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

What is Your ?


What is your

What is the other's ?

What is your

As if everything is there

If not there is nothing

In the same chaos and turmoil

The man passes in the way daily.

Stay alone

And have to die alone.

What is your

If you don't believe

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You are free from all over the world.

The world is a theatre

So we are puppet of the hand of the time.

What is the board of

Happiness, sorrows and wealth !

When you will know it

Nothing will spoil you.

What is your

As if you will be filled with ego

All relationships will break in an instant.

For others,

when you play your trick,

one day you will get

And catch in the trick of chess itself.

What is your?

Get to know better

Be imprisoned in everything

Then crown to get freedom.

Entangled in the thread of selfishness

What to build a house?

After all, where to go

So What is your?



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