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What Is Prewriting in the Writing Process?

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Prewriting in the writing process

What is Prewriting in the writing process?


Writing is a process to express our inner feelings using pen and paper. A writer is an artist who can portrait a clear picture of his/her imagination on a blank sheet of paper. There are some rules of writing. Prewriting is the first stage or the base of the writing process.

As you need ingredients to cook a delicious meal, similarly, a writer needs a prewriting process to start writing more effectively, followed by drafting, editing, and publishing.

Select a topic:

The first step of prewriting is to select the right topic. A good title will always attract a reader and create a keen interest to read that topic intensely. The subject contains different, precise, and attractive using simple words. A writer should have a crystalline idea about the chosen topic. The writer can use new enriched words to attract the reader’s attention. If the writer chooses a fictional subject, then he/she can implement imagination using attractive words. If it is non-fictional content, then it is necessary to have a crystalline idea of those events like politics, history, academics, science, sports, etc.

Write purpose statement:

A purpose statement delivers an accurate and concise declaration with a goal-oriented topic. It helps to focus the direction and the reason for writing with the desired outcome. It is inevitable to use an effective purpose statement to attract the attention of the reader.


“The purpose of writing this is to …”

Jot down ideas:

After select a precise topic and concise purpose statement, the best way to write a good topic is to scribble down ideas quickly and roughly. The idea that comes to mind helps to write the content more skillfully, efficiently, and systematically without consuming time. Even the reader also can easily understand the message that the writer wants to convey through it.

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Conduct research:

Research is the exploration or study of sources to implement facts and reach a distinct outcome. To make that idea more bona fide writer should research the topic and exhibit some genuine source that corroborates his/her arguments. The bona fide source with corroborate argument attracts the reader’s attention and makes a positive impact. The writer should read heedfully from that bona fide source, scribble down those crucial points and bookmark those important links to present in front of a reader. That requisite information gives a crystalline idea about a topic; so that the writer can set to the voyage of writing with more confidence.

Prepare the outline or structure of the content:

An outline is a framework for presenting the main and supporting ideas for a particular topic. At first, the writer should introduce the topic clearly within a few words, after that creates a list of main ideas, that is called the brainstorming part of the writing process. These steps can be a list of resources, a list of tips and a list of arguments, etc. It helps a writer to give a chance to deliver ideas about a topic. The writer should focus on arranging those steps in chronological order.


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New writers should develop their quirk of writing consistently through this trending technique prewriting to make their writing more skillful and effective. They should inculcate the habit of prewriting by practicing more in their daily writing routine.

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