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What is PangoBooks?

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PangoBooks is an app where users can sale and buy books. There are several features they offer to get you started as a seller and a buyer. There's threads to chat with other PangoBooks members, leave comments on their site, and messaging in case there are questions. PangoBooks also has a lot of offers for users such as their "Back to School" sale where users get cash once they buy a specific amount of books. You can wishlist a book and see if someone added one of your books to their wishlist. There's a wide variety of books on the site.

Become a Seller

It's simple to become a seller on PangoBooks. After setting up your account, you'll be able to sale your books by taking a photo of the book, scanning the barcode, (or enter it manually), use hashtags so users can discover your books, list the condition and set your price for the book. PangoBooks has many resources to get users started at selling their books.

Shipping Cost

Shipping has never been easier on any app I've used. The buyer pays for the book and for shipping cost. Once the buyer pays for shipping, the shipping label will show up in the seller's account to be printed out. The seller simply prints out the shipping label and tapes it to the book package.

PangoBooks also shows sellers how much weight a book should be listed as; for example light paperbacks compared to hardcovers.

PangoBooks takes 20% off of each order to cover customer service cost and your books are insured up to $100. You can sale as many books as you'd like.

As a seller, you have the freedom to list a price for when shipping is free to the buyer. In my store, I have shipping for free if a buyer spends $10 or more.



Once the sold book reaches the buyer, PangoBooks holds onto the funds for 72 hours. This gives the buyer time to receive the book, check the book out and decide whether they want a refund or not.

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If everything checks out good on the buyer's end, the seller's funds will be available and paid out to the seller's linked PayPal account.

Summary of PangoBooks

I've only been on the site for a few months but I have sold 3 books already. The app helps the seller decide what condition to list the book under and gives the seller a general idea of how to price books. The books can be packaged in boxes or bubble wrap packaging so it isn't harmed during shipping. Seller's need to ship the book quickly so the buyer can enjoy their purchase. There are tools to message the buyer and/ to message PangoBooks if you need to.

All and all, I rate this app as a 5. However, keep in mind this article is from the seller's point of view. I haven't purchased anything yet so I can't give a buyer's review.

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