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What is Binge-Writing

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Binge Writing is no for very writer

What is Binge Writing to you?

Is it that writing can be unhealthy or one is writing but is unproductive?

Writing under the wrong conditions can make you feel like you are performing in vigour.

Writing and building skills is a great start for you. However, if you are sharing your work of art with readers you need to stay away from binge-writing.

Being locked in that same style of productiveness can be a problem without you even realizing it.

The question is what is Binge writing?

You have this in excessive amounts as you would when you eat, drink or you do in a short period, but overdo it.

Consuming foods or drinks in large amounts and in short periods does have a bad effect on yourself. In the same way, when you binge eat, drinking and shop you are characterized by this behaviour.

Write and practice what you put down on paper, and be committed to what you do for readers.

Some writers write in small bursts meaning they write and finish up their work and finally have it published. Whereas other writers fall into this pattern that works for them and writes and writes for most of the day.

This happens for days on and stops until the next idea comes in bursts for writing.

The issue with binge-writing is, that writers, lose themselves being creative and lose connection with people. Lose themselves with what they have written and in time they are not as familiar with the ideas written in what has been written in their projects.

The endless rewriting is encouraged by binge-writing.

You focus on key moments and rework individual moments in already written texts.

So, binge writing leaves you with over-edited scenes, and this tends to keep you from finishing up work.

What causes Binge writing?

You want to put out to readers what you have been writing for days on and are afraid to finish what you have started. In other words, you are insecure about finishing up your work.

Writers want pleasure from their work or to write what makes them feel good. There is that repetitive behaviour one has to give them an adrenaline rush. This type of behaviour is not helpful to writers. This leaves writers empty of their thoughts and one day feels there is nothing more to write about.

Creativity in small bursts can make writers feel there is nothing left to write about. You can stop binge-writing by writing down a few ideas each time rather than writing a lot and of nothing.

Binge writing is not the best way to get what you want from readers. In my eyes binge writing doesn’t give writers what they want for readers, instead of blocks off the point of writing for writers.

If you want to write a story take your time and write for days on, or once a month. Writing allows you to release stress and to write meaningful articles. Be productive and plan ahead to write your best and original articles.

Be inspired and write what is organized.

When is the best time for you to write?

What do you want to write about?

How much time do you need to improve your writing skills?

A structure that should be applied when you choose the time that is right for you to write.

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Writing behaviour such as binge-writing affects many writers.

They need planning, organizing and improvement in their work to make the moment a success.

Techniques such as the above-mentioned are useful to get you back in your seat to write without prolonging articles to be read by an audience.

Hard rules work when you follow them with interest.

Limit your hours of writing to avoid losing creativity in your writing.

What is Healthy writing?

Binge writing makes you happy when writing and you can easily fall into this unhealthy writing behaviour.

If you are on hold on a project for a long time you need to rethink your approach to writing.

Unhealthy behaviour isn’t often bad for your health. You need to fulfil unhealthy behaviour in a constructive manner.

You struggle with writing and by making sure you have a productive way to create writing in a healthy way, you will not have problems with binge writing.

Writing is a greater part of my life. In 2008 I began my journey in writing and have learned a lot from online writing and researching articles.

Whether for book publishing or article writing I enjoy what I do and have created a steady platform for sharing my work.

The many challenges I have overcome have taught me to see life in so many different ways.

I learned that writing every day is not for everyone.

Some choose to share an article per week or two and others share articles daily.

So, if you are sharing daily you must be a binge writer or someone who is very good at researching their topics before having them published.

It takes time, and hard work to write and share articles daily and doesn’t always work out that way for most of you writers.

Is it true that, if you want to be a successful writer, you should write daily?

Writing every day doesn’t work for every writer.

I think that those who write daily are trying to deliver articles in a haste, have enough time to write an article daily, or are trying to impress us with their unique articles.

If it is poetry, a talent one has that is understandable. Writing informative articles you have to be a genius to do that or good at what you do in the writing field.

You will have to be a professional in that subject to share such work as often as you do.

It doesn’t matter what I think, I am sharing my opinion here.

How do you get that chance to do that?

Write daily and share work here that doesn’t make sense to me. This is especially if you are writing an informative article.

Writing sessions can be ten hours or thirty hours.

One may think a lot can be written in longer hours and others think in shorter hours they can do more.

You develop a habit and stick to it.

Binge writing is not for every writer.

Genre writers will like the idea of binge-writing because it gives them the time they need to write chapters.

Regular binge sessions can allow you to finish a novel. The work of art, be it a short story, or a focused subject you could do with having your project finished.

Maybe you have your process in writing and do not use the binge-writing behaviour. Whatever your process is, most important it works for you.

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Binge Writing

Binge writing

Binge writing

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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