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What, in your opinion, is STRENGTH?

Strength is perseverance

One of the best pieces of strength that I have experienced is perseverance. Why? Because failing even though trying tells me "at least I tried," and succeeding through the challenge tells me "You can do it, if you try."

Focusing on perseverance gives you that "one track mind" to strive for that goal, the best you can. You don't give 50%, you don't even give it 100%. You give it more than you can imagine, because your "challenged spirit" is triggered to do EVERYTHING you can to set it at least into the right direction.

I have a character in my story who focuses her strength as "perseverance." Mikaela Krane (Kray-nay) is challenged in every way possible, throughout the third series of my Arador creation. While her eldest brother, Montiaro, reveals his strength in his raw talent in using his elemental manipulations, and her other older brother, Gethro, reveals his strength in leadership skills, she is focused on not only finding her OWN powers in elemental manipulation, she is also focused on knowing WHAT her element could turn out to be... As a sibling of the first family offspring to hold not one, but TWO elemental manipulations, she feels the pressure while watching Monty and Gethro constantly succeed in their elements.

Monty's elements are fire and earth, Gethro's elements are earth and air. The bloodline is as follows, between grandparents and parents:

* Michael Krane (Father): Fire

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*Brianna Krane (Mother): Water

*Francis (Grandfather, Brianna's side): Earth

*Arianna (Grandmother, Brianna's side): Water

*Michael Krane 1 (Grandfather, Michael's side): Earth

*Yasha Krana (Grandmother, Michael's side): Air

As you can see, ANY ELEMENT(S) could come into effect with Mikaela's manipulation. By her age, however, she feels pressured. Both of her brothers had at least ONE of these elements discovered, by the time they were her age (She is 9 in this point of the story, going onto 10). Feeling useless, she finds it hard to try, HOWEVER, she still tries all she can to learn what she needs to, in order to improve her skills.

Copyright: 2003, Rachel Luckow

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