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What If I Kept a Diary of My Highlights of the Year?


Life Book or Life Journal

It is not at all a notebook to help you organize yourself like the Bullet Journal, nor a diary, but a notebook to note down all the events in your life that seem important to you, whether personal or in our society. in general. I call it “the notebook of my life”, or “the diary of my life”. You can even transcribe it in English, it's always better to say “Life Book” or “Life Journal”.

And I still have the same notebook since 2008, it hasn't left me since that date.


Admittedly, the cover is starting to look a little “kitsch”: at the time, I had bought a small format notebook with large squares in supermarkets, it couldn't be more basic. My aunt has always been a fan of all things creative. I then asked him to make me a nice cover to make this notebook more cheerful!

How did this idea come to me, will you tell me? Well it was my grandfather who suggested it to me, himself already holding this kind of notebook gathering all the important events of his life. My turn to share it with you!

How do I hold It?

I always start a year on a new page, then little by little, I write down the events that I think are important, noting the date. I don't necessarily stretch out to make a comment of a dozen lines (except in a few cases). It's not a diary either, so I keep it fairly succinct, sometimes putting my impressions into it in a few words. That's why I've had the same notebook for all these years, because I'm not writing a novel!

Some Events Come Back Every Year:

Birthdays: especially that of my parents and mine. I do not necessarily put an extraordinary comment, but I want to indicate it each year by entering the age.

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Christmas and New Year's Day: Christmas does not vary particularly since it is always a family meal, but still, I note it! As for New Year's Day, generally I never do the same thing from one year to the next, so I put a little comment.
My holidays: they also generally vary from one year to the next! I write down the period, the place, and my impression in a few words!
Others are more occasional: wedding of my friends, births, moving…

I also like to keep what recalls the event in question: for example, I keep concert tickets, I stick them below my comment. I keep the wedding and birth announcements.

I also note current events: this ranges from completely futile facts, such as the marriage of Kate and William in 2011, or the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, to more serious facts such as the Charlie Hobo attacks or those of Nice.

I will also not fail to note the election of next president.

The goal is to keep track of what, in your eyes, marked you (this can also be useful for remembering birthdays, especially your friends' children! Like what it can also be used to organize.

And when you've had this notebook for years, you start to have things, it's quite amusing to see the evolution.

The Path Accomplished

Yes, because at the beginning, I wrote down almost everything! A simple afternoon with friends, as good as it is, I wrote it. A movie outing, a family meal... In short, everything was there! It's quite fun sometimes. I was indeed 14 years old at the time when I started keeping this notebook.

For example, in 2011, I wrote down the first time we went with my best friend to Montpelier to shop alone . I insist on the “only” because I underlined it well in my notebook! It was a big first for us. We lived about thirty kilometres away at the time, and we took the train to go there. I even kept the train tickets from the time, that's telling you!!

So get your pens.

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