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What are the reasons for a writer to fail?


People are reluctant to write their actual thoughts because of the fear of what other people will think wrong of them. Besides, they do not learn the skill correctly. At the same time, they believe that they want to become a writer but not ready to learn the craft of writing.

Most of us are in a hurry to make money, and we start to write for other people to get paid, and we do not give ourselves a chance to express our reality in writing.

Many of us write, but we do not have the patience to write repeatedly to get the best out of the original stuff. I worked in the finance industry for a long time and changed my career for no particular reason. I created blogs and started writing the posts for all my blogs from there onwards, I developed a passion for writing, and I write daily.

As I was dealing with financial issues for all the business people, I started writing about business and finance that become my niche, and after I learned about parenting and started writing about that.

Writers can become successful if they take enough time to learn the business side of writing. For example, some copywriters make a tremendous amount of money because they can write a sales page when someone reads it; they will pull out their credit card and buy.

There various types of writing. Some can be an excellent technical writer. That does mean the same person can be a good fiction writer. You can become an excellent writer only when you master one at a time.

Another point here for failing in writing some writers does not bring the workout. They write and keep it with themselves, maybe because they think that nobody wants to read it or due to a lack of confidence. They spend a lot of time in writing a story, but again the end; they do not bring that out to the public, they feel reluctant to hit the Publish button. When they do like that how do, they expect to make money. Therefore, the writers have to share their work to become successful and able to face the bad and good feedback for them to improve.


Anything if we want to accomplish, we need the right amount of practice; for example, if you're going to be the right sportsperson, you have to practice daily to come to that level; the same applies to write as well. Many people do not exercise well but expect money quickly that ends up in failure, so they quit immediately.

If you want to be an excellent writer, keep the money issues aside and start to learn and develop your writing skills. When you are confident that you can write great stories, and be able to publish, it becomes easier for you to make some money.

Remember, when you write, you cannot have distractions or fear. If not, your concentration will not be there, and you will lose your points in your head that you were going to write in your articles. If you continue to do that, your plan of producing something good will not happen.

One of the main problems we have starting to write something is easy, but giving a finish to what you did is a big issue then at that moment, people leave that without finishing it. Therefore, proper planning needed before starting to write with the correct mind-set. Besides, you need to develop a passion for writing; if not, there is a possibility of leaving thinking that this is not for me.

Writing might be easy to start with and takes a bit of time in finishing the book, then editing and marketing becomes the most challenging part. You might have written an excellent book if you have not marketed it no one will come to know about your book, then all the time you spent become wasted and gives you a depressive feeling as well because you have not received any feedback.

If anyone wants to make money from writing books, eBooks, poetry, and other documents, you need to create your brand and establish yourself as a writer.


How can you become a successful writer?

First, you have to have the desire to become a writer, most people want to do, but they become depressed quickly for not achieving soon from it. When people do some things, they expect something in return fast without even thinking it does not work like that.

Then you have to read a lot that enhances your knowledge and helps you to find subject matters to write about also to feel comfortable in writing. If you do not understand a lot, you will not be aware of what is happening in the outside world when you start to write. Some people say that they do not have time to write if that is the case; you will not have the time and tools to write.

If you want to become a successful writer, you have to learn to give more value if no one will get interested in your writing. If you plan to write about an existing problem, you have to be able to provide the solution also for the challenge. When you write if you can add some new items that will make the people happy as well while trying to read your story.

Once you decide to start writing, you have to persevere in your writing skills consistently. If not, you will not see much improvement and interest as well. It does not apply to write only say, you have an interest in cooking, and you want to be an excellent cook. If you do it at times, do you think that you can become a good cook? You need to do it regularly to achieve success,

Then you have to explore ways to become more knowledgeable and to improve the methods of writing. For that, I will give you the best option, attend the meetup groups, and mix around with other writers to get more ideas and ways to improve your writing pattern.

Do not give up.

The essential thing does not give up. If you do not see success, you need to continue to persevere in writing. Remembering that copy makes you a happier person; besides, it makes you feel proud of yourself when it makes you famous.