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Playgrounds are Important

There has recently been some argument over whether or not the sunrise public playground should be abandoned in favor of building a new retail mall. Why should we destroy a playground that the children of the community love in order to build another retail mall? The stores inside of malls of been ending up abandoned and closed so there is plenty of space for new stores to move into the existing malls in the area.

The sunrise playground is an important part of the community as it provides a safe place for children to play with their friends after school and on the weekends. The Sunrise playground is conveniently located away from major roads, has a very low speed limit on the road leading to the playground, and has many children at play signs to keep drivers alert. If the playground is destroyed then there will not be a safe place for the children to play outdoors away from the busy roads.

The fact that the Sunrise playground is so close to the school has prompted many children to play there instead of going home to play video games. It is important that children are able to get the exercise they need outside in the sun so that they can grow into healthy adults. Why would we want to deprive our children of the exercise they need?

The creation of a new mall might provide our children with a safe place to visit after school and on the weekends, but it will have them inside stores leisurely walking around, eating high calorie foods in the food court, and requiring close parental supervision. This is not the same as having them running around, climbing a rock wall, swinging on the monkey bars, sliding down slides, and having picnics. The children will not be getting the same amount of exercise.

Would you rather have your child shopping in a mall with a bunch of strangers or playing with their neighborhood friends at a playground?

The Mall Will Revitalize the Neighborhood

You have probably heard the debate surrounding the new mall which will be replacing the old playground. The argument has mainly been that the playground is healthier for children than the mall, but that is not entirely true. The new mall will have a healthy food court made up of new health conscious restaurants, a child play area, and a first aid office.

The mall will have a playground in its center which will have a foam floor instead of the woodchips that Sunrise playground uses; many children have ended up with splinters and injuries from those woodchips. The mall will also have a first aid office with a registered nurse who will be able to assist the children if they are injured while playing or shopping. When the children are done playing they will be able to get a healthy meal or a snack with their families at the food court, which will offer many child friendly options. The new mall will have security and crossing guards to provide extra safety for the children who wish to shop or play after school and on weekends.

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Besides being a better play option than the Sunrise playground, the mall will also help to revitalize the community. The new stores and restaurants will provide many jobs to members of the community; the mall will also be hiring security officers and crossing guards. While there are other malls in the county, they are all at least one hour from the school making it quite the drive for a family who wishes to go shopping, teens that want to hang out with friends, and for individuals seeking mall employment.

There is the risk that a store might close, but that just means that there will be an open location for a new business. Also not a single one of the stores currently slated to go into the mall has another location within 40 miles of the school. Members of the community can even rent store space to start their own business.

Would you prefer a new mall with new opportunities, a safer playground, and healthy food options or the Sunrise playground which has been the cause of multiple injuries without any first aid assistance available?

Review the editorial section of your local newspaper in print or online and share an example of an editorial you reviewed. Do you think the editorial was prepared about a topic that was appropriate for an editorial entry? Explain your position.

I read through the editorial section of the Miami Herald online. One of the editorials I came across was titled “Miami-Dade’s Proposed Budget is the Healthiest in Years”; the editorial was on the budget that Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez proposed for 2017. The editorial was prepared about a topic that was appropriate for an editorial entry because showcased the opinion of the organization, in this case the Miami Herald. The editorial was backed up by facts, statistics, and counter arguments. The editorial was written from the standpoint that Mayor Carlos Gimenez was proposing a budget that would make almost everyone happy. The Miami Herald also included the negatives, but made the negatives seem somewhat insignificant in comparison to the positives. For example when writing about how there would be an increase in water bills, the writer made sure to include the fact that even with the increase the water cost in the county would remain the lowest in the state.

Consider the editorial you reviewed in 6-1 Discussion Title: Editorials. If you were a public relations practitioner for the organization or individual about whom the editorial was prepared, do you think that an op-ed would be a necessary or appropriate strategy to use in this instance? Why or why not?

If I were a public relations practitioner for Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, I would think that an opinion-editorial would be an appropriate strategy for Mayor Carlos Gimenez to use in relation to the proposed budget for 2017 based off the information provided in the “Miami-Dade’s Proposed Budget is the Healthiest in Years” editorial. The “Miami-Dade’s Proposed Budget is the Healthiest in Years” editorial gives the impression that only a small minority could have any cause to disagree with the proposed budget and that it does not have any loopholes. If the information is accurate, then having an opinion-editorial would lead to a mostly positive response, which would assist the mayor in a reelection campaign. However, if the editorial has incorrect information or is downplaying the opposition then having an opinion-editorial could backfire. This could lead to an opinion-editorial that could be written against the proposed budget and could potentially hurt the mayor’s chances for reelection. Before making the final call I would want to research the proposed budget and the possible opposition carefully in order to ensure I made the decision based on correct information.

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