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What Was The Reality We Saw


The fact was, did we see that you had lost and had joined us?

What Was The Reality We Saw

There are many things in the universe that man learns by looking at. God has set an example for man in many things, and has told him how to be patient, how to be grateful, how should everyone take care of themselves, society?


If We Speak Of The Example Of The River, We Know That.

A river is a river, and he decides his journey himself until he goes along with other rivers.

The river does not make its journey in minutes or hours, but it takes several days or weeks, and in the meantime, if they pass through a village or fort, people use it and not only use it but also make it dirty.

This is the common thing we saw and heard, but we did not know the truth nor try to see how to give an example to a human being.

The only thing is, when we choose a destination for success, we first see how long it will take to get to the destination.

And how many more will it be?

When we put this frustration in our hearts from the beginning, we get a little bit difficult and we get back.

When it is seen, there are so many stones and obstacles that the river passes through, but still, it finds its way out.

When a man sees that people are jealous of my success.

If they are trying to harm me, the man either loses quickly or stops moving towards his work.

When the river passes through a fort, people use it and also make it dirty.

He continues his journey.

People harm him, but he still benefits them.

Despite all the sufferings, he goes to his place.

If a man works by the example of the river, he will never succeed.

At the turn of life, you have to walk alone, people come with you when you succeed.

When We Talk About The Beach

The sea is also two types of one we call the beach where people go for fun and one that is the beach where only the hunt is done

When we talk about the beach, we see the waves of the sea constantly coming back and in silence, their voice sounds very sweet.

Man must live like a sea, quietly, to live his life, to keep his work.

One is the ocean called the sea and used for hunting.

Deep sand is silent where the waves are not so strong.

Deep-under hides many secrets within himself.

The heart of a man must be as deep as the sea,

"the more silent the human being is, the deeper the physicality."


When It Comes To Stars

When it comes to stars, they have indeed been able to guess the stars from a distance.

Stars shine at night and no one can go to the stars.

Human beings have a job in it to keep their lives in check because the stars shine in the dark.

A man should raise his position so high that no one can harm him.

These were common examples, but they are a lesson for us.

They do all because we believe that this is a daily thing.

But we don't think that when people and lives are not the same

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