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What Was The Rabbits Name From Alice In Wonderland?

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Alice in Wonderland at Disney World


Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite childhood books. Thinking that a girl could fall down a rabbit hole and the adventures that she would have. As I was reading Alice in Wonderland to my daughter I suddenly realized I had forgotten what the rabbit's name was. Well to my surprise the rabbit's name was The White Rabbit. Now you would have thought with the role he played in the book that he would have had a more exciting name than the White Rabbit. With that being said it is still a wonderful classic book for all young people to explore.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was wrote in 1864 by Lewis Carroll but this was not his real name, his real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Lewis Carroll was born Jan.27 1832. He was a very clever boy and was one of eleven children. His education did start at home but then he went to a boarding school, but it has been said that he was not happy at the boarding school.Lewis Carroll loved to write poetry and short stories he published his first Poem in 1856.

In 1862 Charles told the Liddell Family a story about a girl that falls down a rabbit hole. Mrs Liddell told Charles that he should write down his story.That same story he told to Mrs Liddell became Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and became very successful. Charles when on to Publish Through the looking-glass and what Alice found there, as well as two more books and some mathematical papers. Charles Dodgeson died of pneumonia in 1898.

What was that Rabbits name in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice in wonderland is about a young girl that falls down a rabbit hole and meets the white rabbit.She changes size and ends up joining a tea party where she meets lots of interesting characters such as madd hatter,cheshire cat,mock turtle and red queen as well as others.The adventure is one of a kind for the time it was made. It is still being read in homes all over the world.

In 1951 Alice in Wonderland was made into a film by Walt Disney it's premier was in London. The film was based on Carrolls books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Lead voices where.

  • Alice-Kathryn Beaumont
  • Mad Hatter-Ed Wynn

Tim Burton is making an Alice in Wonderland Land Movie for 2010 with an new Australian actress named Mia Wasikowska. Mia will get to fall down that rabbit hole. What was that name of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland? I guess Mia is about to find out.

What was that rabbits name in Alice in Wonderland? Please let me know what are some of the things you remember.

linda on April 12, 2016:

his name is a little bit kool

Emanuel on January 19, 2016:

The rabbits name was Nivens McTwisp

Post card printing on March 24, 2012:

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littlesecret13 from inside your mind on October 26, 2010:

In the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the white rabbit's name is White Rabbit. His house even has a brass plaque "with the name `W. RABBIT' engraved upon it."

In Disney's 1951 animated film he is also referred to exclusively as the White Rabbit or Mr Rabbit, but in Tim Burton's 2010 film, he has been named Sir Nivens McTwisp.

(People sometimes think that the March Hare, who was at the mad tea party, is a rabbit, but hares and rabbits are actually different animals, though very similar. In the book he is called March Hare, but Tim Burton has named him Thackery Earwicket.)

Angela Michelle Schultz from United States on March 27, 2010:

According to the book Looking Glass Wars, his name is Bibwit Harte. Which is an anagram of the words White Rabbit. But then in that book, he's not really a rabbit, he's an albino with really large ears who is super intelligent with really great hearing. The book, truly is not as cheesy as it sounds!

Denisa on March 08, 2010:

Bill :)

homicidalmadhatter on March 19, 2009:

His name was the white rabbit.

C. C. Riter on February 08, 2009:

His name must have been I'm Late. Good hub, thanks

Clare on August 13, 2008:

I don't think that the rabbit had a name.

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