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What Is Woman For Man

Writing this poem on reasoning of Righteous War identifying its dimensions and truth which is failure to be wise by both sides

World Is Only Due To Woman

What is woman for the man
Dont know you,why me behind you
My wanton opal you are ,I called you my woman
Those unending close nights
Those burning breath brights
Those tasted apple potion might
Those crumbled stilled time light
My Eve,I left god for you,I done right
Oh Woman I love you still having death delight

Those uttering words,that apple sweeten voice
Those hopping steps,that demand crying choice
Those hidden glimpses,that waited hugging rejoice
Those asked queries,that kisses of faith melting me like ice
My daughter,I left god for you,I done right

Those shared fight,that mumble saying
Those stolen secrets,that teared anger
Those childish plays,that stomach-ful smile
My friend my sister,I left god for u,i done right
Those waiting windows,that tearful breeze
Those anxious shadows,,that waiting eyes
Those calling moments,that turning me right
My wife ,I left god for you,I done right

Said thee he left me,
he knows, me denied
Still Thy is with me,
Calling him mother I replied
Said thee,he mortal-ed me,
He knows, me denied
Still living I am,
All the pain she bearing to reborn me
Thee only complied
Said thee he curses me,
He knows I denied
Still happy I am,bestowed with mother's love
That fire is crucified said thee ,
Thee never look me,he know I denied
Still loving me,pouring milk in mother chest
Thee's love is verified

My "WO"man,,,god left me as I choose you
Thou also know,'WO'rld is there only due to you

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Dr Nilesh Jaybhaye

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