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What Is This Life?


What makes me wake up each every morn'?

What ever allows me to take so much scorn?

What did I do to deserve such a fate?

What can one do to forgive and forget?

 - -

What jumps to conclusions?

What slides to their death?

What runs towards their fears?

What swims with no breath?

 - -

What walks down the sidewalk

without sight, without shame?

What rides 'round the block

always stealing new names?

 - -

What is soft to the touch?

What is hardest when it breaks?

What is firm when needs be?

What is fluid but won't freeze?

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 - -

What will take us to heaven?

What will cover our sins?

What will bring us to peace?

What will show us the end?

 - -

What makes this all happen?

What should each person hope?

What have we been doing?

What is this sad, sick show?


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I hope these thoughts are helpful. Thank you so much for reading. I Agape-Love you all.

Until next time, God bless.

 - -

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