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What Is Important To You?

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What are the top five priorities for people? This is a deep question. There are so many things we are interested in. To narrow it down to only five is hard. And to prioritize makes it even harder.

- Feb. 2019

Here Are My Top Five in The Order of Descending Importance

1. Family

2. Faith

3. Country

4. Friends

5. Humanity


Family comes first to everyone. Everyone would agree that their family members are the most important thing in their lives. There are many incidences where a man would sacrifice his own life to save his family members.

Faith is the believe in a higher power. If you are a religious man, you would have to put God right up there, God is part of your family. God is the reason we are here. God is all powerful. God is love.

Country is next In line. We are a community. We survive as a group. We are stronger when we live together and help one another. We organize and divide labor and create a system where we are greater than the sum of the parts. Our country has a set of ideals and principle. Each nation has its own beginning and heritage. It is important that all members of a country understand this and learn it and pass it own to the next generation.

Friendship in next in importance. We are a social animal. We value friends. Our common interests lead to activities outside of work. In some cases, our co-workers also becomes our life long friends. We need friends in good times and especially in bad times. When we are in trouble, or in a depressed state, there is no better medicine than a friend. This has little to do with money or success or power. We have friends from our childhood that last a life time.

Humanity. What do I mean by humanity? It is our connection to the rest of the human population. We, and I believe every species, have the same instinct. Birds of feather flocks together. Humans, regardless of which race, or country, or religion, are connected in a fundamental level. We feel compassion for our fellow humans. It is why we donate to charities that help people around the world. Our humanity will preserve our race.

These Set of Priorities Have Served Me Well...

In my 67 years of living, these priorities have been with me. Behind my mind and behind my every choices made. I must say, it has served me well. It kept me focused on the important things in life. I am truly blessed. I attribute it to my maker. He is the one that created all things and He is the one guiding me. In my darkest hour, He was there holding and supporting me.

I heard from someone recently making a comment that God would be a progressive. All indicators are just the opposite. He was and is not a political being. He is a social being. He wants the best for his children. He set down some rules and guides. He was smart enough to know we will rebel. He made allowances for it. It is like the song Amazing Grace. I was blind but now I see...

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This list is hard to make. There are other worthy candidates. Our pets is one we treat as family members. The environment is another one where it ranks high. Who would not want clean water and clean air? And all the animals and fishes that runs free add to the richness of our lives.

Our climate is so sensitive, even a small change in any of a few factors, would prevent our existence. The sun, the moon, the planets, and the tilt of the earth and the ozone layer and the air we breath. It is a garden of Eden.

I made these 5 to be my top priorities. What are yours?

© 2019 Jack Lee


Jack Lee (author) from Yorktown NY on February 08, 2019:

God bless him.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on February 08, 2019:

Jack he is 9 going on 40 ;-) We are very faith and love driven. Our deal is kind of like God is Love and without that love we can love no other with truth. So that is the basis/foundation here. As our group hug and prayer will reinforce this morning.

Jack Lee (author) from Yorktown NY on February 08, 2019:

How old is your son? People do change as they mature and obtain more life lessons. When I was young, I was first...and now, I am not in the top 5.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on February 08, 2019:

My son puts Jesus first. Then distinctly Mom instead of family. Then of course the rest of us in the family. And now it has changed to friends as opposed to toys and sports/games/hiking.

My wife and I go with son, Jesus and then family.

Really cool stuff to think about.


Liz Westwood from UK on February 07, 2019:

The 3 Fs for me.Faith, family and friends.

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