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What If We Became Coronavirus and Omicron?

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

I heard that the new variant of coronavirus omicron is much more harmful.It spread quickly. I'm worried about my kids. They cannot be kept indoors. They do not wear masks. When they come home,they actually eat food without washing their hands. I tied them up so much that they still don't listen to me. One day my husband and I thought we should not scare the kids and keep them away from going outside. We both plan a lot wisely. I shouldn't scare the kids, but I don't see any other way. But for the last time, my husband and I try to convince our kids how terrible the Corona and the variant omicron are. They don't want to listen to us. They hang on to our legs and cry to get out of the house. The house is locked from the inside so that the children cannot get out. But they couldn't get out and shouted a lot. They threw away everything in the house. They does not want to eat . They doesn't even speak to us. Does not pay attention to studies. I haven't taken them to the park for a long time. That is why they are so angry. Fights with me every day. They are not afraid of their father either. If they had followed all the advice to stay away from Corona, we would not have kept them in the house. At this point my husband and I suggest that the plan we have adopted should become a reality. Otherwise the children will be careless and they will be infected by covid-19 or omicron.

Don't go outside without mask

Don't go outside without mask

How do we become parents? Finally one day we call our kids together. They come in front of us with sullen faces. We say we'll let you out. But you can't bring omicron or Covid-19 with you. Remember covid-19 and omicron are monsters and they will eat us. They were very happy to hear that they are going out. They do not worry about the virus.

Maintain hygiene

Maintain hygiene

When they left, my husband and I smiled. After a while something is going to happen with the kids that they will never talk about going out for fear. They will even wash their hands and try to avoid the virus.



After the evening, the children returned home after playing in the park. Before they returned home, my husband and I turned off all the lights in the house and gave them a vibrant haunted house. The two of us wear clothes like Corona and omicron. My husband wears blue and I wear red. The children came to the house and started looking for us. Our faces were also inside the clothes. We ordered these costumes. We made order a few days ago. Anyway, let's get to the point. When the children came home, it was getting dark outside. Meanwhile, the lights of the house are also turned off. When they came home, they were calling us mother and father. We wait for the right time without any answer when we could scare them.

They are so small that the light switch is out of their reach. In the darkness they were in fear. They are more afraid of not seeing us. Sometimes they look around. They climb up the stairs and come to the 2nd floor looking for us. My husband and I suddenly came in front of them. They shout and run thinking of ghosts. Later they come to us again. This is because they think we are not ghosts. They think we are not human either. They are coming back to find out who we are. I love children so much but I want to hear what their father has to say. My husband whispers softly to them, "Hey kids! You're so good. You brought me and omicron straight to your house. Shall we eat your parents now? You know we're monsters."

The children get scared and run around the house. They keep looking for us. I muttered, "Did you know that no one would love you without your parents? No one would caress you. No one would bring you any more chocolates or food."

The kids look at each other and shake their heads and say, "Yeah. Who would caress us without our parents? Who would bring chocolates and food?"

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"We ate your parents. Now you have no parents."

The children started crying. Throwing arms and legs. They are not afraid to come to us. They say, "Why did you do that?"

"What's wrong with us? You brought us into our house. We wouldn't have come if you hadn't gone out. We wouldn't have come if you had followed the rules of avoio virus. Why did you go out without wearing a mask? Now we've eaten your parents, now we'll eat you too."

My husband said, "Don't listen to your parents. Just be naughty. Come here and we'll eat you!"

The children call their parents and go to their rooms and lock the door. My husband and I continue to make horrible noises outside the door. After a while the kids come out with their toy guns. Helmet on the head. Plastic gun and knife in hand. We got a lot of smiles. Because the kids will fight with us. It is surprising to think. They shot us. And we shouted pretending to be injured. They brought us downstairs. They shot us with their toy guns with various gestures.

They got on our body and asked, "Tell me, where are our parents? Our parents are very brave. You can't eat my parents."

We pretend to be injured and say, "We are holding your parents. They will not be able to get out until we die."

The kids look at each other and want to hit us with sticks. But all goes well with the costume. The kids are looking at each other. Thinking why they do not die?

Then they thought of washing their hands. They ran to wash their hands. Meanwhile, we are pretending to be in pain. So that they think that we are in pain because of washing their hands. When they were completely clean, they said to themselves, "I will never go out of the house again without a mask. Otherwise, corona and omicron will come with us again. We will sit and play in the house."

We secretly change our costumes and wear normal clothes. They have been completely cleared by then. We hugged them from behind. They are very happy to have us. They shouted and called mother and father. Hold our necks. That day they were telling us that corona and omicron had come to our house. But we blow everything away as we don't know anything.

Since then our kids have never been out of the house without a mask. When they return home, they follow the complete hygiene rules. There has been a lot more caution than before.

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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