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We're Not Hobos


We're Not Hobos

An early Christmas morning car ride

To collect a loaned table from a friend

Saw me witness the anguish of many

Since Covid has been the trend.

I drove past a beautiful park

In good old Gympie town

Saw five cars parked together

Windows covered in sheets and a blue dressing gown.

I realised these people had no home

Certainly, not a present to open today

Nowhere to cook the turkey

No chance of receiving a bouquet.

My heart felt such a sense of heaviness

I admit I shed a silent tear

My thoughts during the morning stayed with them

Their life, their car, their despair.

I filled my arms from the pantry

And bundled it all in my car

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I high tailed it back to the park

And handed the goodies to the food bar.

The RSL cavalry had since arrived

To feed the less fortunate during the day

I added my lot to the basket

And felt better as I walked away.

These parkies were not hobos,

They were all dressed neat and clean

Just that covid means there are no rentals

No place to live like a Queen.

It is not a life they have chosen

They cannot find a place to rent

Life just has them by the backside

Unanswered prayers are yet to be sent.

So be humbled by what you have done today

If you hugged family, opened gifts, and eaten your fill

I was privileged to see the other side of life

Resilience, determination, and a strong will.

© 2021 Jackee Ashwin

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