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Looking for Black Eyes Way

He is an english poet and writer. His publishe book title Justice of nature and injustice of love. He is a yoga teacher physically psycholo


Looking for black eyes way

My 31 Dec night passed away

With dark black night,

My eyes wait up another

Black eyes Indication,

My eyes set up on way of

New night, but blanked.

My eyes keep on invigorated

At foggy darkest night.

My eyes look on enigma night

On long way of black eyes.

My eyes asked the dark way

But ignored by mysterious.

My eyes feel out heart beat

Of darkest night’s pace.

My eyes look for whole night

The way of black eyes.

My eyes a proof of dark night

What going into dawn.

My eyes recollect of previous

Endure 31.12.2019 first meet.

My eyes glad to recollection

2020 new year phone chat.

My eyes still open while day

Came to duty, night faded.

My eyes would remain opened

Ever to coming in black eyes.

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