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We Were on a Break


We Were on a Break

At the start of this story Adam and Liv (Olivia) had been together for several years and now they were on what was supposed to be a dream holiday in Mexico. They started the holiday full of expectations because Adam had planned to surprise Liv by proposing to her.

This proposal would not come as a surprise to Liv because somebody had already told her that Adam was taking his grandmother`s engagement ring on holiday . But it was supposed to be a secret , so Liv spent the whole holiday anticipating Adam`s proposal.


The non proposal

On the last night of the holiday, Adam had booked an expensive restaurant along with music, flowers and champagne so that he could ask Liv to marry him. On the night Liv was very excited because she knew what was supposed to be happening. She had brought an expensive dress and high heeled shoes for the occasion.

Everything was going to plan until Adam used his phone to find directions to the restaurant. He was informed that it would take ten minutes to get there, but this timing was by road and he wanted to walk there. So after walking for ten minutes they realised that they were nowhere near their destination and that is when Adam realised his mistake.

Liv was struggling to walk in her high heels and her foot was already bleeding and sore from blisters when they managed to find a taxi after walking for so long. By then they were both tired and irritable with each other and they asked the taxi driver to take them back to their holiday cottage.

Nothing was said about the proposal .

The flight home

The next day they had to endure a twelve hour flight home and neither of them were at all happy. Liv was upset because Adam had not proposed and Adam was unhappy because Liv was grumpy. On the plane they started to have a massive row in front of all the other passengers.

By the time they reached Liv`s flat they were both mad at each other and this is when Adam told Liv that he thought they should have a `break' from each other.

The characters

Despite the sad beginning this is actually a romantic comedy and it is the characters that provide the comedy to the story. These characters include

  • Liv
  • Adam
  • Cass and Chris

Liv (Olivia)

Liv is a thirty year old vet who works in her father`s veterinary business which he inherited from his father. Liv is currently living in a flat above the surgery , she lives alone because her parents are old fashioned about couples living together before they get married.

The story is told through the narrative of Liv and Adam so that the reader gets both sides of the story


Adam met Liv when he and his family moved to the village where Liv had lived all her life. He lives alone in a house that he was given by his father. Adam does sound a bit like a spoiled mothers boy throughout the story. His family are very well off and he appears to have had a privileged upbringing.

He started working for himself as a carpenter after dropping out of a law course that his parents had funded for him.

Cass and Chris

Cass and Chris are a married couple with a young baby. Chris is Adam`s brother and Cass is Liv`s best friend. These two characters have a big part to play in the story because it was Cass who told Liv about the proposal.

Cass and Chris met each other through Adam and Liv . Everyone was surprised when they fell in love and married quickly because Chris was not the sort of person to settle down.

There is a lot of sibling rivalry between Chris and Adam because although Chris is a successful businessman who has done well for himself, he is still very jealous of Adam. This jealousy makes Chris a very troublemaking character throughout the story.

Do they or Don`t they ?

While reading the story , the reader is given the impression that Adam and Liv should not have split up, ever. So the big questions is `Did they get back together?'. I cannot tell you this because it would ruin the book for those who want to read it for themselves. So maybe you should buy a copy and find out what happens in the end.

Useful information

We Were on a Break written by Lindsey Kelk in 2016.

The author has written several other books including the` I Heart series' and the `girl' series. She mainly writes romantic comedies.



It is well summarized and creates interest to read

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