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We Are Human and God Love Us


Because God Love Us

God gave us everything we need

He created all beautiful surroundings

The birds that fly in the sky

The fish that swim at the ocean

Different kinds of animals live in the forest

Our first parent Adam and Eve,

God put them to live in the garden of Eden

The abundance place Gods created and eat all fruts with in

Aside from one fruit, name,

The tree of "knowledge" of good and evil

Because of Serpent, Adam and Eve ate the fruit of Gods prohibited

Adam and Even sin's committed

But because God love us,

He gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ,

To save us from our us from it..

The book of creation. (Genesis 1)

In the Bible, Genesis is the book that details the origin of man and the whole world. It is God who established everything. He is the Creator, Designer, and therefore, the ultimate authority over everything.

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In the beginning, God created heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1)

Before God established the world the earth was without form and void. Throughout the first chapter of Genesis, we can see how God filled the earth with light, land, plants and different animals.

God created and designed everything and called it good. This shows that he is the one who determine what is good and what is not. (Genesis 1:1-2) and God created man in his Image (Genesis 1:27)

Thank you God for creating the world and everything in it as good. Thank you for creating us in His image and putting his great love to us.


The blue sea, blue sky and the beautiful surroundings with plenty of trees surrounded in it. How beautiful of our almighty God creation. God is the designer of

How beautiful to our God,

He created everything for us

the Blue sky and ocean that we can in our eyes

Only our creator can do all this things because he love us

Yes we glorified him

To our glorious God

Who made all living creation

That moved to the world

The king of way

The powerful God who us truly

He love us without reservation

He love us because he is our father God


The crystal clear

Oh! it's a crystal clear

Reflection from the sky

From the virgin surroundings

People inhale the fresh air

We feel fresh on this kind of place

It's creation from our Almighty God in the highest

Beautiful environment that people live can within

To enjoy our every day living.

How powerful our God, he made the world for us

We are all enjoy on his creation

We need to take care of it all,

to avoid environment destruction

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