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We Took Fallujah: a poem

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They put a tax on my supper
and a gun in my hands.
They said go fight for freedom
out there in their land.

So, when you return
you'll be a real man.
A true-

So, I left my country,
with a reason to fight.
To defend the flags
stars and stripes.

I held my rifle,
and shot to kill.
The locals,
they shot from the hills.

We slaughtered them all-
all who tried to resist.
We would decide
who really owned all this.

The land of the scriptures,
a 1,000 year war.
The pride in thinking
we could settle the score.

We took Fallujah,
and now lost it again-
Was it worth it...
the blood of young men?


cynamans on October 02, 2014:

Great poem. Voted up and interesting!

Leone Vidoni (author) from Portland, Oregon on June 08, 2014:

Thanks Eric!

Eric Wayne Flynn from Providence, Rhode Island on June 06, 2014:

Great work

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